From Brian Wood (DEMO, DMZ, NORTHLANDERS) and Ryan Kelly (LUCIFER, AMERICA VIRGIN) comes Local, a collection of twelve interconnected short stories.

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Local is a collection of 12 disjointed stories about (or in some way related to) the central character, Megan McKeenan. It made me reflect on my own family and life - childhood, high school, college life, the various places I lived, falling in love, buying a house - all of them invaluable experiences, for what I learned and for what I gained. CHAPTERS (single issues) 1) Portland, OR: Ten Thousand Thoughts Per Second - Megan leaves home, a lame boyfriend, and her car behind. 2) Minneapolis, MN: Polaroid Boyfriend Megan plays a possibly dangerous game with a stranger, leaving her apartment key out so he can get inside and trade polaroids of himself with her. 8) Chicago, IL: Food as Substitute Megan has to choose between her sweet but poor boyfriend and a wealthy customer who promises a better life for her.

This is a great entry for my shelf of keepers!

A story that hits her hard and molds her to someone. It's amazing how these disconnected individual stories somehow come all together and hit you hard. I also loved 5 or 6 of the stories, enjoyed the rest aswell. It's hard to have every story connect to me. Megan is a interesting character. I also liked Nick a lot.

I think what I'm suggesting is that men don't know crap about the opposite sex as a whole. I bring all this up because it's what comes to mind reading Brian Wood's "Local", a series of short stories all relating to a girl named Megan, a capricious girl constantly on the move trying to find a way to get her life in order. I can't tell if it's an amalgamation of girls, or based on a specific person, but it definitely doesn't feel like Wood conjured Megan out of thing air.

Although I liked the words and (most of) the stories, I was really knocked out by Ryan Kelly's artwork. At the very end, Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly talk about the making of each story and even give a playlist of the music they were listening to while creating each one.

Brian Wood tells the story of Megan McKeenan, a drifter and generally lost woman in her twenties who experiences the loneliness and existential angst that many of my generation have (and others, too, obviously).

There are 12 issues in this volume, gathered together to show 12 localities where Megan travels or has a connection to. In the last couple of issues, the story begins to fall into place and it culminates in the final small town Vermont when Megan returns to her family home.

A beautiful, oversize collection of the 12-issue comics series by writer Brian Wood and artist Ryan Kelly.

The stories feature more that one protagonist, but are ultimately centered on Megan, a girl that runs away from home to live an unfettered life for over a decade. Eventually she decides that she needs to get away from the dead-beat boyfriend and start anew. Their relationship is cold and Megan suspects Gloria suffers from OCD when she leaves town for a few days. Megan needed her space, so she ran farther and farther away from home, unsure where to and always afraid her mother would freak out. Megan loves her freedom, but she is still afraid in the back of her mind of ending up chained to her family like her mother did. He also ran away from home, but his relationship with his family was distincly worse than Megan's. While initially upset at this invasion of her privacy, Megan decides that her memories are the more important thing for her and allows her colleague to keep her belongings. Her past experiences come back to haunt her in visions of her brothers, her former boyfriends and finally her mother. In the end Megan realizes that moving from place to place, meeting all those people and settling down back home were all her choices, not something she was forced into by circumstance.

He co-wrote the award-winning video game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, and is currently adapting his Briggs Land graphic novel series for television at AMC.

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  • Sequential Art

  • Rating: 3.99
  • Pages: 376
  • Publish Date: September 10th 2013 by Oni Press
  • Isbn10: 193496400X
  • Isbn13: 9781934964002