Everything You Want

Everything You Want

Everything You Want is a story about what happens to an average family when money is suddenly no object.

Although Emma is bright and creative and has a supportive family, she isn't exactly excited about life after high school.

Then Emma's family wins fifty million dollars in the lottery, but instead of making everything better, it just makes everything more complicated.Everything You Want is the story of a young woman trying to figure out what she needs when, suddenly, she can have anything she wants.

Reviews of the Everything You Want

First of all, I think we have all wanted to be in this position or at least read a story about it, so the book gets a point right there just for existing.

Vermeers Daughter was a School Library Journal Best Book for High School Students. Her most recent novel, Everything You Want, was published by Flux in 2008." According to the book flap, Shoup was also the writer-in-residence at the Broad Ripple High School Center for the Humanities and the Performing Arts for almost twenty years, and she enjoys mentoring young writers in schools, community organizations, and correctional institutes. As someone who grew up near Bloomington (home of Indiana University) and lived in Broad Ripple Village (a neighborhood of Indianapolis) for awhile, I really enjoyed reading a story set in places that I was familiar with. Overall, I enjoyed this book and plan to read more of Barbara Shoup's novels.

Emma and her family go through situations and hardships that makes them doubt who theyve been. I think the book Everything You Want by Barbara shoup was really interesting. In the book Everything You Want by Barbara shoup has many inspiring quotes of life and situations that we dont come around to ever really think about which makes the book stand out a whole lot more. I think this quote is trying to show that nothing ever lasts in life and thats what makes life worthwhile.

In the novel, "Everything You Want", the author, Barbara Shoup, tells the story of Emma and her family's lottery success, and the misery that has come along with it. I chose to read this novel, well mainly because of the cover (which features Freud), but also because of the very well executed, interesting summary on the back. At the beginning of this book, we are introduced to all the main characters we see throughout the story: Emma, Jules, Gramps, Mom, Dad, Margaret, Gabe Parker, TIffany, Matt, Josh Morgan, and (most importantly) Freud. She desires true happiness, but the people who really care are clouded by those who don't.

With her life plagued by embarrassing situations and constantly feeling odd, Emma thinks she will never fit into the world around her. EVERYTHING YOU WANT details Emma's experiences as she struggles to find her place in the world.

This book was a really interesting and fun book to read! It was a really interesting read about a girl named Emma, who is a character that was very relate able person. Her family has a big event happen that effects her. It's a lot about finding out who the family really is, and makes me think, if that event and surprise were to happen to me, what would my life be like and what would change?

Emma feels lost and alone and she wishes more than anything that she could return to the time when she was small, when her parents took care of her, when things were simple. As a person who felt plenty lost myself during my early college career, I really identified with Emma's struggles. She felt very real to me and I liked that she described her life as both depressing and hilarious.

Emma, the main character, is trying to "come of age" while her family is also coming to grips with their newfound wealth -- which begins to feel more like a curse than a blessing by the end of the story. I'm also not really sure she was changed in any permanent way by the end of the book, internally, at least.

On the surface, our narrator, Emma, has everything she 'needs' to be happy. Emma is clueless as to just what to do to "fix" her life. Emma's problems are all-too-real no matter your age. There are times in life when you're just not feeling it, where no matter what you do you can't seem to be the person you think you want to be or need to be.

  • English

  • Young Adult

  • Rating: 3.33
  • Pages: 307
  • Publish Date: April 8th 2008 by Flux
  • Isbn10: 0738712272
  • Isbn13: 9780738712277