The Fiery Angel

The Fiery Angel

"In a vividly atmospheric recreation of the occult underworld of sixteenth century Germany, during an age of Inquisition, three souls meet: an innocent young man choosing between Love and Duty, a woman prone to visions and a Knight, who is either angel or demon." Religious experience and sexual hysteria meet in an apocalyptic vision of the spiritual crisis of modern life. The Fiery Angel is one of the great novels of decadent occultism.

Reviews of the The Fiery Angel

But despite all the satirical hues the tale ends tragically Those who believe in God must also believe in the Devil so serving God they unwittingly serve the Devil too.

Ognjeni aneo ili Istinita pripovest u kojoj je re o avolu koji se u obliku svetloga duha vie puta pokazivao jednoj devojci i kuao je na razne grene prestupe, o bogoprotivnim bavljenjima magijom, astrologijom, goetijom i nekromantijom, o suenju toj devojci pod predsednitvom njegovog preosvetenstva nadbiskupa trirskog kao i o susretima i razgovorima s vitezom i trostrukim doktorom Agripom iz Neteshajma i doktorom Faustom, sve ispisano rukom oiglednog svedoka je pun naziv i sie ovog romana Valerija Brjusova. Da, moglo bi se rei da je ovo svojevrsna enciklopedija okultizma, ali, kad to shvatite (ma koliko da vas ne zanima), ipak nastavite sa itanjem, jer poenta, zapravo, i nije u tome. Brjusov se, istina, eksplicitno ne izjanjava da li u magiju treba verovati ili ne, ali je moj utisak da mu je ton sve vreme satirian i da, vie od svih bogova i demona veruje u udesne moi ljubavi, sa najjaim akcentom na vaginu. Kao i uvek kada je re o veoma obrazovanom piscu koji pravi silne aluzije i uvodi desetine istorijskih linosti, i ovde je, verujem, bilo teko pretpostaviti stepen informisanosti potencijalnog itaoca i shodno tome nai meru napomenama, pa reenje koga interesuje vie snai e se moda jeste najkorektniji pristup.

But the main feature of it is magic world, which fullfill the novel.

With her left hand Renata plucked the leaves from the herbs and threw them over her head on to the floor, but then she gathered them again and placed them on the table in a circle. You have the power!"" ---- "Stripped naked, I lowered myself to the floor, on my spread cape, and began to rub this ointment firmly into my chest and in my temples, under my armpits and between my thighs, repeating several times the words: emenhetan, emenhetan, which mean hereand there. I was conscious of the fact that I lay upon the floor of our room, but, when I tried to raise myself up, I was already powerless to do so, and I thought: so all the tales of the Sabbath are babbling nonsense, and the much talked of miraculous ointment is only a sleeping draughtbut at that very moment all went dark before me and I suddenly saw myself, or imagined myself, high above the earth, in the air, quite naked, astride as on horseback a woolly black goat." ---- "Soon I found myself amidst a variegated crowd, which was making merry as at the Feast on Saint Johns day, or at the Carnival festivities at Venice. Amidst these flames there bustled, jumped and grimaced three or four hundreds of beings, men and women, either quite naked or barely covered with shirts, some with wax candles in their hands, and also hideous animals of human appearance, enormous toads in green caftans, wolves and wolf hounds upright on their hind legs, apes and long-legged birds; here and there beneath their feet crawled and twisted repulsive serpents, lizards, salamanders, and tritons.

I was interested in reading this novel initially because of the Prokofiev opera by the same name. Being the type of person who usually watches operas based on books (instead of the other way around), I decided to read the source material before listening to the music.

You'll encounter strange, seemingly supernatural occurrences, but they are quite underplayed and their meaning and reality is is left in the air for the largest part of this novel, much like the nature and reality of that titular figure.

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  • Rating: 3.99
  • Pages: 411
  • Publish Date: May 1st 2005 by Dedalus
  • Isbn10: 1903517338
  • Isbn13: 9781903517338