Slave Species of God: The Story of Humankind from the Cradle of Humankind

Slave Species of God: The Story of Humankind from the Cradle of Humankind

Were humans created by God as Slaves?

Was Abraham the first human Spy?

Reviews of the Slave Species of God: The Story of Humankind from the Cradle of Humankind

I do feel the need to bash a couple of aspects of the book though. First of all, Mr. Tellinger feels compelled to give us a brief lesson in cosmology and biology. The cosmology section references the big bang theory which has been discredited. Please read "The Big Bang Never Happened" The biology section is like reading a text book.

Michael Tellinger, in his book Slave Species, presents the idea that humans were created by Gods with one sole purpose, to serve them. When we consider that almost all mythologies and religions cite stories of creation and manipulation of men from Gods, then perhaps we need to look at things from a different perspective than that set out by mainstream religion. One thing is for sure, as Tellinger writes, human beings have been slaves, in one way or another, through the history of the humanity.

I cannot recommend this book more highly for those of you who have wondered about our origins on planet earth and the ancient life of mankind and have not been satisfied with our culture's simplified answers in Genesis.

The god with small 'g' are Anunnaki astronauts and explorers who settled on Earth some 443,000 years ago under the command of Anu, the supreme ruler of Planet Nibiru. After losing the fight with Anu for leadership he escapes from the planet and reaches Earth through asteroid belt. In due course that is thousands of years Enki's brother Enlil is sent to command Earth. Like Anunnaki the human species had long life span and intelligent like the maker. As their mission nears completion, they come to know that Nibiru will be closer to Mars and Earth orbit which will create havoc for both planets. Enki is benevolent towards his creation which angers Enlil as he is the commander asks his promise to erase the human kind from earth. After the flood the Anunnaki realizes not only Earth and Mars affected but also their own planet Nibiru. He also mentions the schemes of Enlil and Marduk that there is not a single religion on Earth that was created by God. But there are several which were imposed on us by the ancient gods.

Unfortunately, since Tellinger does not seem to trust credible researchers, rather than conduct his own unique research, or base his work on established research, he incredibly relies on Google searches and a number of authors who he calls esteemed investigative writers, scholars and authors but who have actually have been strongly discredited by their peers, such as Barbara Thiering, Eduard Albert Meier, and Erich von Danken, as well as highly speculative authors such as L. Because of Tellingers amateur approach to academic research, he seems to be totally unaware that Sitchins entire book itself is a fictional account, very loosely based on some fragments that Sitchin had researched. As to Sitchins previous books and translations, his approach and translations have been criticized as unscientific and highly biased by his peers, in the sense that he ignores evidence that goes against his own theories, and builds up and distorts evidence that support it. Although it is tempting to blame all our human failures on the Sumerian gods and thereby to continue to avoid taking responsibility for ourselves, Tellingers entire book is based on discredited and highly speculative information, and poor research techniques.

The idea that we were genetically engineered by aliens will always be in the back of my mind after reading it!

Before applying his writing and research skills to books, Michael followed his other passion, for music. After a 30-year long obsession with the origins of humankind and the genetic anomalies of our species, he took some time out to write Slave Species of god, which became an instant bestseller in South Africa. When Johan Heine exposed the mystery of the stone ruins of South Africa to Michael in 2007, they began an irreversible process of research that led Michael to some startling scientific conclusions and the completion of two more books, Adams Calendar and Temples Of The African Gods.

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