The Redeeming

The Redeeming

After all, the last 700 years of torture and captivity havent been gentle on Tain.

This woman, this half-demon who leaves him burning with desire, is pretty tough herself.

She needs to be, for the world is not safe for demon-kind these days.

A violent backlash has disrupted the balance of power, and now Tain finds he may have to rescue the dark ones instead of fight them.

Reviews of the The Redeeming

It's been more than a year since Samantha Taylor was involved in Tain's rescue from the Old One (ancient demon) who was holding him captive for over seven centuries. More than a year after his brothers and Samantha freed him from Kehksut Tain is still a long way from healing and he wonders if he will be able to enjoy the pleasure of being with a woman ever again. Tain is scarred both inside and out and Samantha is the only one who can soothe him, not even his brothers are truly able to do that. Again an Ancient demon fills the part of evil in this series but in this book he has a surprising lackey to do his bidding. Each book in the series has its own unique plot fitting each Immortal and his heroine and this book was a beautiful closure of Tain's story that ran throughout the previous ones linking them together. For me this was an excellent way to give Tain the closure he was looking for since the first book of the Immortals and I'm really looking forward to the next storyline in this series.

If it wasnt for Samantha, the half Demon who awoke feelings in him when facing the end.

Reviewed for; book release Sep08 In 2007, there was a four book series called Immortals written by three popular authors, Jennifer Ashley, Robin Popp, and Joy Nash. I enjoyed reading the series, but was always bothered that the last brother, Tain, didnt really get a happy ending. He got rescued from the ancient demon torturing him, but he didnt get a woman for himself like his brothers. Immortals: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley is the first book of the series continuation and FINALLY, Tain gets his happy ever after. Tain also never let on that far from being rescued, it was contact with the half-demon Samantha that brought him back to himself and gave him the push to help save himself. I expect there will be quite a few folks looking for the first four books in this series once they read Jennifer Ashleys newest. Im also pleased that the publishers were nice enough to schedule the next two books in this series for publication in September (The Crossing, Joy Nash) and October (The Haunting, Robin Popp) so I dont have to wait too long for my next fix.

Tain has suffered greatly from being tortured for 700 years, and this story takes place a year after he is freed by his brothers, their wives and Samantha. Which I enjoyed that aspect of this book, that there was a lot more in it than just Tain and Samantha's story. In the last book, Samantha has much disgust and hatred for her father. Overall I really enjoyed this book, it was filled with everything that a paranormal romance reader loves.

I have read all the books in this series & I knew I'd love this one the most (or I thought), because it was about Tain. At the end of the book I didn't feel happiness for Tain, I felt sadness because it still seems like he was the one that made all the sacrifices.

Book 5 of the Immortals (Tain's story).

When two demons burst into the club Sam is taken by surprise when Tain, who she hasn't seen in 15 months, appears and begins fighting the demons. Tain threatens Merrick's life for hurting Sam, then her heals her but tells her to stay away from him. Tain lived with torture for 700 years by the hand of an ancient demon called Kekhsut. So in Tain's book it's 15 months later and he's better but still suffers. Tain and his brothers (Immortal protectors of humankind against demons) have been relieved of their 'protectors' duties so they can raise families. Something I loved was how Tain shows up to Sam's house, lets himself in and is feeding the cat when Sam walks out of the shower. Instead of having sex immediately, which would have happened in the previous books, they talk, they joke and they respond like two people who are at the beginning of something that could be real rather than randy bunnies. What begins as a lustful, sometimes shameless physical response never really develops beyond that and the reader is supposed to believe it's fated true love by the end. It's simply hard to believe so I enjoyed the love story aspect of this book best since Tain and Samantha meet 15 months earlier, she "saves" him, or at least that's what the book tells me, and they move slowly because of Tain's tortured past. What happens in this book to right the wrongs are not enough for everything Tain endured and it's made even more injurious by his sustaining further pain. But by the end when I didn't get the love story Tain deserved I realized that all the good stuff from the beginning didn't do a lot to save the book.

Sam also discovers new life-changing things about herself as they both search for and defeat a new evil thats attacking demons.

  • Immortals

  • English

  • Fantasy

  • Rating: 4.16
  • Pages: 324
  • Publish Date: August 26th 2008 by Love Spell
  • Isbn10: 0505527456
  • Isbn13: 9780505527455