Orphan's Quest

Orphan's Quest

Rokey, a poor orphan, has lived his entire life sheltered within the walls of the Noble Contemplative Monastery.

But when a tragedy results in his expulsion from the only home he has ever known, and an unknown enemy begins trying to kill him, Rokey's mind abruptly returns to the mystery of his parentage.

On the road, Rokey soon meets up with a charming elf named Flaskamper.

Before long, the five become swept up in the effort to solve the riddle of Rokey's origins and to find out who is trying to kill him, and why.

Foiled in initial attempts, Rokey's enigmatic foe escalates the attacks.

When they finally do uncover the truth, it is in the last place Rokey had ever expected to find it.

Reviews of the Orphan's Quest

Posted at Shelf Inflicted Rokey is a 17-year-old orphan who spent his childhood in the Noble Contemplative, a monastery where young men from all over are educated and trained for their future vocations. The simple language and uncomplicated plot make Orphans Quest a story that should appeal to young readers.

Rokey is a novice of the Brotherhood of the Noble Contemplative. The growing romance between the two was heartwarming to read and slowly building it took them some time to admit their feelings to each other.

Rokey wonders what will happen to him, how he will survive. The only thing I didn't like during the story was when they would get into trouble. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the book though and would gladly recommend it to fantasy lovers.

"Orphan's Quest" has all the necessary ingredients for a great quest - the young male hero, his misfit companions, a shadowy menace, elves, faeries, and the lot. Rokey is our young hero, an orphan. Much like Mercedes Lackey did with her "Last Herald Mage" series, Childs gives us a same-sex couple that is quite natural for the story. This is not an M/M romance, this is epic fantasy where the main character is a "samer," as Childs describes him in the novel. The secondary characters are less developed in the beginning, but this is because readers come to know them as Rokey learns about them. Toward the end of the book, the companions are captured by the "Saebrilites." They're an Amazonian society that keeps men enslaved for laborers and to breed with when necessary. They crop up in many epic fantasies (such as the Wheel of Time and Valdemar) and I can't say I like them in any story. Childs uses this conceit to introduce a new character to the companions, but I would have preferred her come to the group another way.

This book is a better fit for romance than fantasy, although it does have characteristics of both. There are so few YA appropriate gay romances out there that I count this as a positive, although I personally like more heat in my books. As a fantasy, this reads as a fairy tale. So flat characters following an unexciting plot line through unrealistic political landscapes to a predictable finish? I think if you're a fan of very clean gay romance with light fantasy elements you will like this book. If you're looking for meaty fantasy with gay characters (a la Flewelling) you will be disappointed.

After having finished this just now, I feel like I just read a 900 page book.. Either way, he gets kicked out for something that wasnt his fault, and he meets up with 4 misfits one night, where a young elf, Flash, saves his life. Yes, the elf and Rokey falls in love, but if you're looking for a hot m/m book, this is not it. Thats where the 900 page comes in.. This book kinda had an OK ending, and I will take that as my ending in the story of Rokey the wannabe-brother who had to take a looooonng road to find himself, his family and his future love..

There are many young men out there, under the age of 18 that need stories that they can identify with when they are going through the same difficult time of discovering that they may be "samers" as they travel the same path that Rokey traveled in this story, but hopefully with perhaps a little less adventure! This story was a VERY good read and I would recommend it to any young man that is in need of reading material while going through the quest of discovering his own sexuality ...

This book is an exciting and action packed romp through a world that comes to life for the reader.