The Baker Street Phantom

The Baker Street Phantom

In the spring of 1932, with Londoners terrorised by a series of brutal murders, the private detective agency of Messrs.

She tells of mysterious events at 221 Baker Street - and a premonition that the London murders signal terrible danger for mankind.

Aided by the most famous detective of all time, they must draw on their knowledge of the imaginary to find the perpetrators of some very real and bloody crimes before they strike again

Reviews of the The Baker Street Phantom

There is Sherlock Holmes - which is very cool - and there are Dorian Gray, Mr. Hyde, Dracula, and Jack the Ripper (it makes sense in context even though he is not a character from a novel) -which is less cool because they just continue what they did in the novels: kill people. The majority of the murders have already been committed by the time the novel starts and Singleton, our hero, just reads about them in the newspaper. Since the paper also mentions where the murders have been committed he immediately makes the connection between that an 'all these places are mentioned in Dracula, Dorian Gray etc.' Of course, that does not mean that he immediately goes 'clearly novel characters have been going round murdering people' but it doesn't take him long to get there.

Etrangement, lors de cette aventure, ce n'est pas la force qui sera le plus grand atout de ce duo mais bien l'érudition du jeune Andrew. Ce roman reprend d'ailleurs tous les ingrédients qui ont fait le succès de cette littérature. Dans le roman de Fabrice Bourland, la jeune femme n'est autre que la veuve d'Arthur Conan Doyle ! Enfin, je profite de ce billet pour vous informer que les aventures de Sherlock Holmes, comme le Signe des quatre, sont disponibles gratuitement, en anglais, sous forme de livres audio sur le site de Librivox.

Singleton and Trelawney open their private detective agency in London, hoping to follow in the deductive footsteps of their hero, Sherlock Holmes. Though skeptical of the spiritualists' claims of the beyond, Singleton and Trelawney are soon forced to confront and challenge their notions of reality and fiction as they come much closer to their idol than they ever thought possible. Logic is king in Conan Doyle's stories; events that appeared supernatural are almost always revealed to be grounded in the mundane.

The year is 1932 and Andrew Singleton and James Trelawney decide to move from Boston, USA to London, England to set up their detective agency. That's good enough for me!' Of course, they decide to take the case and are then plunged into the world of the supernatural while attending a seance and summoning up the ghost of Sherlock Holmes. This is his first book in the 'Singleton and Trelawney' series and I shall be watching out for his others.

The general story of the two young detectives Singleton and Trelawney setting up as detectives in London was OK, and even meeting Lady Conan Doyle could have been feasible, but I found the explanation for the fictional characters manifesting themselves as ghosts flimsy to say the least.

this book seemed too hurried as if the author were trying to get all of his ideas into one outing.

I tried few times to pick this book up and finish, but failed and I can honestly say I will not bother anymore. To be honest, I don't really remember what the mysteries were by now, but it's been few good months since I've last tried to read it, soo...

Lors d'une séance de spiritisme organisée à Baker Street, ces derniers découvrent avec effarement l'identité du fantôme.