Mercury's War

Mercury's War

Yet she has no idea of the danger she's about to encounter, or the passion she's about to ignite in one of the greatest Breeds ever created.Years ago, Mercury Warrant -- who, according to his file, is one of the greatest Breeds ever created -- thought he lost his mate, and he's had to live with the idea that he'll never know true bonding.

Then he's tapped to protect the mysterious Ria -- and finds himself falling in love.But Ria is a woman of many secrets, and she fears being consumed by her feelings for Mercury.

Because the woman believed to be Mercury's true mate is back from the grave, and she's not about to let Ria -- or anyone else -- get in her way...

Reviews of the Mercury's War

As part of his job as a Breed enforcer for Sactuary, Mercury is assigned to protect Gloria "Ria" Rodriguez while she does some short term work at Sanctuary. Mercury is unbelievably sexy once he is finally the powerful Lion Breed he was supposed to be. The girl fight scene at the end was great, I love how Ria took care of the problem herself and didn't hide behind Mercury. Mercury and Ria's story is now one of my favorite Breed books.

Jonas is convinced that the female that was killed in the labs was not Mercurys mate and that Ria is actually his true mate. Mercurys and Rias pairing was actually another well organized manipulation by Jonas in order to control the representative of the Vanderale industries. This is another book that after you finish it you are hoping Jonas will find his mate soon and she will make him suffer. Favorite scene: Mercury sends the lions of the sanctuary to find and protect his Ria. Important appearances: The Vanderale family and Dane.

I thought the story (except for all the technical stuff--codes, security systems, etc.) was pretty easy to follow (someone's trying to steal secrets of the mating heat and the lack of aging that goes with it from the Breed Sanctuary, and sell it to an outside research lab so they can develop an anti-aging drug--Ria arrives as an employee of Vanderale Industries to try to crack some codes/ interpret security/ computer findings to see if she can find the traitor). I enjoyed the love story between Ria Rodriquez and Breed enforcer Mercury Warrant, but the suspense aspect of the story? At least not yet...****** I did like Mercury--I felt bad for him that who he thought was his future mate (and his chance at happiness) had died years ago, and that he would be destined to be alone and not be able to mate and have a family like so many of the Breeds around him were doing. I was getting a little tired of Mercury insisting that Ria was his mate and her denying to herself (and to him) that she was though. If I had one little wish about this series...I wish that Lora Leigh would put a family tree or something in these books so we can see how all the characters are related. I think you'll enjoy Ria (and especially) Mercury, and be entertained by this book.

The latest in Lora Leigh's 'Breed' series is "Mercury's War". Another is that she's at Sanctuary on a secret mission. But she will NEVER accept second best and since Breeds mate only once and Mercury lost his, she refuses to give in to her hunger.

This is why I love Lora Leigh! recommend to any and all Lora Leigh fans, or really anyone else into the paranormal genre.

When he was a young man, Mercury is told that a lioness breed thought to be his mate is dead. Ria doesnt want to crave Mercury, but there is something about him she cant resist. The woman Mercury thought to be dead, his mate, shows up at sanctuary claiming to want Mercury back. Will the two of them work things out, or will the woman claiming to be Mercurys mate get in the way? Mercurys War by Lora Leigh is one of my favorites in her Breed series, and I cant wait for the next one to come out!

Brooding Enforcer, Sleeping Lion Mercurys Mate died when he was still in the Labs. Mercury is her bodyguard and he is attracted to her from the start though he knows she will never be his mate, he still wants her.

*SPOILER* Casi me desmoronó por completo cuando ella tiene la crisis cuando se separan por favorrrrrrrrrrr muy bien desarrollada, la desesperación del personaje y los leones "cuidandola" yeiiiiiiiii.

The circumstances of the mate bond force the characters to build a connection on their own and Mercury and Ria are left to figure out whether or not you can forge a true, lasting relationship without a mate bond. I've come to realize that the books I like best in this series are the ones that don't conform to the norm.

Loras family, and her writing life co-exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other.

  • Breeds

  • English

  • Fantasy

  • Rating: 4.37
  • Pages: 325
  • Publish Date: September 2nd 2008 by Berkley
  • Isbn10: 042522418X
  • Isbn13: 9780425224182