Desperate to be turned and baffled by Lucien's continuing refusal, Peter is starting to feel that he's losing his vampire lover.

Their relationship has become purely physical, with Lucien pushing Peter away at every turn.

Fearing for his very life, and working hard to keep Lucien's increasingly uncertain temper from hurting his friends, Peter's doing all he can to prove that he belongs at Lucien's side, not just as a master, but as an equal.

Reviews of the Deceptions

So, okay not everyone liked him being co-leader...and that dramatic tension is where I found the most pleasure. I liked that he had to earn his place, and prove he wasn't just a titular master.

Peter and Lucien are dealing with a very strained relationship at the start of the book because though Peter is going through changes and new cravings, Lucien won't fulfill his promise of turning Peter and making him a full fledged vampire. Peter then turns to Xander in a short-lived bid to make Lucien jealous. :-) I was happy with the introduction of new secondary characters, and grew to love the ones from Book 1 even more. Lucien/Peter will always be my heart but Peter/Xander come a close second. I love Silver, Xander, Nikolas and Peter as a team and their friendly banter made the book fun. Many people have compared this series to the Anita Blake series and I readily admit that the reason I haven't read the AB series is because authors almost always turn female protagonists into some sort of 'Mary Sue' character. To have Peter as Xander's alpha is one thing, but to have an uber male like Nikolas acknowledge Peter as his alpha, not just out of respect for Lucien, but because of 'some strength within him' was just laughable. Peter is an awesome balancing force for Lucien and, as I said, I love their relationship, but they are not equals. The sex - Here again, I was a bit disappointed after reading Book 1. It just reads like Peter can't keep it in his pants. :-) Long story short, I did like this book but it was more flawed than Book 1 and many questions remained unanswered at the end.

Peter now is more secure of his position of clan master, exactly as Lucien, and will start to make pretty good changes for the coven. I like how Peter is delicate and understand all the problems of the coven. I appreciate more details about the werewolves (the first book talk so little about them!) and certainly it's merit of Peter that strong creatures as werewolves are submissive. but Lucien is waaaaaaaaaaaay too good and don't do a thing to make Peter understand how annoying he became! Lucien let Peter be a spoiled guy, and get himself in a terrible situation.

Lucien's temper is starting to adversely affect the coven and Peter is trying to deal with the fact that Lucien seems to have changed his mind about turning Peter. Adding to the mix of problems for Peter will be the fact that a new bond will start to form also with Nicholas. The pain of this betrayal will however serve to bring them closer to each other and is something that will continue to play a major role into at least the next book of the series.

and i definately missed the part where Caleb and Xander had a thing going on!! and it just 'happened' in between the books and we have no idea? i think i have better things to read then the next 2 installments of this series....

I've reread Derekika Snake's Blood Nation series since I first read ByB and although there isn't the non-con and multiple personalities present in Blood Nation, Peter seems to get into just as many scrapes and situations as our dear Xavier. Lucien has installed Peter as his co-Master of the coven and not all members of the coven are happy with this turn of events.


There's a hint of explanation for his behavior at the end, but I had to roll my eyes because one moment he says he won't play without Lucien, the next he's having sex with someone. We don't see enough of Lucien, in my opinion, but you'll see why when you read the book. I'll read the next book, of course.

There is not nearly enough Lucien in this book but that is for very good reason which you learn when you read ;0) Some of the more minor characters from the first book get a bigger role here. The sex is hot, the characters are beautiful, and the world is some place I'd love to be.