Banshee's Honor

Banshee's Honor

Born a half-elf, Azhani Rhu'len earned the love and trust of the people of Y'Dan, becoming the kingdom's warleader.

Now, land, love and broken near to death, all she clings to is the hope of regaining her honor.

Reviews of the Banshee's Honor

I'll say it again, representation matters and having a Black heroine - a dark skinned one at that - on the cover means a whole hell of a lot given both erasure and colorism in real life. Like most warrior characters, Azhani is resolute in her quest, but not so much that she ignores those in need of her skills. She's also capable of helping Azhani turn her dilapidated home into a decent shelter for the coming winter, all the while discovering the truth behind the brutal legend of the Banshee. Unfortunately for young Arris, he's easily influenced by a weasel of a councilor name Porthyros, whom in turn, is in thrall to more dangerous entities - one who is a part of Azhani's past. The rimerbeats are only supposed to stir at certain times of the year, which allowed warriors like Azhani to fight them. Banshees Honor is an epic fantasy novel with lots of heart. Azhani and Kyrian work well together as they negotiate not just their survival, but the slow realization of their feelings. It's been longer still since a fantasy novel has made me feel once again that I belong. Azhani, much like her fantasy soul sister Tarma, has become a part of the Fountain Pen Diva's pantheon of awesome heroines.

It all starts with Azhani finding Kyrian in the hands of a kidnapper. However, the first third is all focused on Azhani and Kyrian developing a friendship. Again, we get to know her and other characters very well, but no plot development. It isn't until the final third of Banshee's Honor when the plot starts moving. If only the plot had been as developed and started before the final few chapters.

Those portions of dialogue are florid by comparison but still easily read and understood; it forced me to read the story slower than I normally read modern day English and as a result heightened the atmosphere and made it that much more clear that this setting is a different world and time, one that is plentiful in violence, loyalty and heroes. If youre okay with some graphic violence and want to read some strong female characters and gratifying relationships blossoming in dire circumstances, give this story a try and if by the halfway mark youre enjoying the story be sure to have the sequel at hand to continue the story without a gap in reading.

Though I'm not a fan of series writing, and for some reason, I didn't catch that this is book one before I dove in, there is enough element of the story told and delivered that make it worth the read and worth picking up the next book.--Naleighna Kai, National bestselling author of Loving Me for Me, Open Door Marriage, and Every woman Needs a Wife

The prologue left me a feeling a little like I didnt know what was going on and had a lot of information to process in a short space of pages. The story line does jump from character to character point of view wise every so often but it is done in a way which lets you know which POV you are following. The characters carry depth and are well thought out, well put together and exhibit growth through the book while staying true to personalities. There is a definite connection between two of the characters while another pair shows the hints of impending romance which I cant wait to follow in future books in the series. Their heart-warming romance is a little too perfect but so sweet it leaves you not caring (not to mention it balances out the other not-quite-there romance in the storyline!) The other characters, from Aden to Devon and even right down to Arun the horse are beautifully written and add a richness to the story that keeps it deep and moving forward.

We met many of the good guys, struggling to escape the reach of those who would do evil, to serve and protect the innocent, and right the wrongs done in their world. And we met many of the agents of evil, who succeeded in making us cringe at the depth of their nefarious plans, and the ways in which their greed and hubris have already damaged the world around them, even as they move toward fulfilling greater plans of destruction and cruelty. The evil characters are led by their weaknesses, and yet, even in the midst of their most vile actions, the reader can feel sorry for them within their limitations even while hoping they die a hideous death.

I really loved the characters this author created with this book also you will meet so many different characters in this book too. All together this author created a really amazing world were you have characters you will like that were good and some bad people too.

Azhani is an easely likable character, Kyrian not so much. I gave it 3/5 stars anyway because, as I said, the story itself isn't that bad, and Azhani is pleasurable enough to me.

Through the Xena fandom, she met Ciegra, who pushed and shoved and generally encouraged her to stretch beyond the comfort zone of fan fiction and back to the place where stories first began the world of original tales.