Dark Before the Rising Sun

Dark Before the Rising Sun

A LADY'S PLIGHT Lady Rhea Claire Dominick, fair and flawly beautiful daughter of a Duke, was stolen from her father's house -- and shipped to the Colonies as a slave. A CAPTAIN'S DARING Dante Leighton, who squandered a Marquis' inheritance in his dissolute youth, pursued his fortune at sea -- and found his destiny in the amethyst eyes of a fascinating woman. A STORM OF DESIRE They sailed the West Indian isles, discovering fabulous riches... and the raptures of a love more precious than treasure. On a secluded shore, in an idyll apart from the world, they surrendered themselves to ecstasy. But on returning to England, their joy was beset by a tempest of scandal, spite andmurderous peril -- which was the end of their happiness, or the dark beforethe radiance of their love....

Reviews of the Dark Before the Rising Sun

Where as Chance The Winds Of Fortune didn't have enough Dante and Rhea for me, in this book their love took center stage making this a much more enjoyable read! I just pray never to lose the unselfish love you have given me, or fall from that high esteem you seem to hold me in." What this book is about The newlyweds Dante and Rhea are back in London. I will always triumph," Dante and Rhea are so cute in this book. I loved that there is a lot more of them in this book then in the last one. I also loved that Rhea stood by Dante showing him support, love and trust, no matter how bad things got, or looked! Although there are a few small sub-stories going on in this book the main focus is on Rhea and Dante making it flow better. I loved the HEA and I feel this book wrapped up the Trilogy nicely.

I have found myself lost in this book and this time, feeling the emotions and hopes of Rhea Claire and the betrayal and need for revenge that has driven Dante for years. Now Dante and Rhea Claire must confront the forces that drove Dante from England many years ago and her family too. All questions that will need to be settled before Rhea Claire and Dante can have a life together.

3rd in the Dominick Trilogy a Great Story! For those of you who read and loved McBains Moonstruck Madness, as I did, and want to read the others in the Dominick trilogy, this is the 3rd and it is just as good.

Once things settle with Rhea's family and her child is born, the time has arrived for Dante to bring his bride to his family home. Laurie McBain was an excellent storyteller and this sweeping family saga is one of the finest out there.

This ia story where we see Dante and Rhea grow in their relationship. Rhea and Dante journey up north to his family's estate and this is where the story really escalates with intensity and emotion.

I am so happy there was a continuation of Rhea Claire and Dante's story. We really got into the bones of the love story in this installment and, while it was not steamy, it was great to see the relationship evolve as it did. Dante is no longer acting cold toward Rhea; he loves her openly and without restraint. Rhea's family and Dante's shipmates really come to life and add so much to the story. The villains add a lot to the story as well - they were described in great detail and I have such a good picture of Kate, Miles and Jack Shelby from this series.

Last week we met Dante and Rhea Claire. And Rhea Claire's return to the family is nothing short of brilliant. Lucien, ever the doting dad wants to make her a widow and Dante ever the doting husband wants only for Rhea Claire to be happy.. This time, it's Dante's past that they must face.

Dante and Rhea and their band of stalwart friends return to England. However, Dante must move on to his ancestral home and the problems that await him, including accusations of murder.

At twenty-six, Laurie became a publishing phenomenon with her first historical romance.

  • Dominick

  • English

  • Romance

  • Rating: 4.15
  • Pages: 518
  • Publish Date: May 1st 1982 by Avon Books
  • Isbn10: 0380798484
  • Isbn13: 9780380798483