The Shiksa Syndrome

The Shiksa Syndrome

But Aimees not about to let a man who doesnt even have a real job get her down.

Theres just one problem: all the shiksas are snapping them up!So when the very cute, Jewish, and gainfully employed Josh Hirsch catches Aimees eye at a kosher wine tasting and mistakes her for a shiksa, whats a girl to do?

Unfortunately, the charade goes on longer than Aimee planned, and her life becomes more complicated than a Bergman film.

To make matters worse, Josh and Aimee arent exactly on the same page as far as their attitudes toward Judaism go, creating tension in the relationship.

But as Aimee begins to discover that her identity isnt as easily traded as a pair of Jimmy Choos, she must decide if having the man of her dreams is worth the price of giving up so much of who she is.

Reviews of the The Shiksa Syndrome

The premise sounded hysterical - New York Jewish girl can't find a nice Jewish boy because they all want the hot Shiksa (non-Jewish girl) goddesses... On the plus side, it was a fun, light read.

I laughed with him, then told him about my experiences trying to date Jewish men. Others struck up conversations with me at Jewish singles events in town. Then, about a year into my relationship with Mike, I joined a Jewish Womens Book Club. One the books on our list was The Shiksa Syndrome, a novel by Laurie Graff, in which the main character is an unmarried Jewish woman who is mistaken for a non-Jew by a Jewish man she very much wanted to date. Ive also met some lovely Jewish men all married, of course who seem to embrace the power and vitality that a born-Jewish woman brings to the table. I used to lament the apparent lack of compassionate, non-jerky single Jewish men in my area. But he doesnt tell me how to be Jewish. Mike figures that being Jewish is my path, and while hes happy to come along for the ride, he doesnt get in the way of my explorations or try to turn me in a particular direction. Yeah, that would just NOT WORK.

Talk about a FUNNY book.

Aimee Albert is a publicist working in Manhattan who is super Jewish and just can't seem to find a good Jewish man to settle down with. Hijinks ensue as her weirdly probing boyfriend keeps aksing to see her hometown and her Christian church and all the other Non Jewish parts of her manufactured past. After (view spoiler)she is found out to be Jewish, her boyfriend abruptly perceives major behavior differences in Aimee and attributes it to her ethnicity.

I thought it would be funny, kind of like My Big Fat Greek Wedding-esque except with the main character being Jewish.

Only when the non-Jewish comedian boyfriend gets an unlikely "real" job does our lead character decided he's good enough, though her family eventually seems to have liked him from the beginning.

Graff included a handy "Yiddish glossary" in the back that I felt like I was flipping to every couple of paragraphs. "The Shiksa Syndrome" tells the story of Jewish New Yorker, Aimee. Due to her appearance and the way they initally meet, Josh thinks Aimee is a shiksa, a charade she knowingly keeps up. I particularly liked the relationship between Aimee and her real shiksa friend, Krista.

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  • Rating: 2.91
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: October 7th 2008 by Broadway
  • Isbn10: 0767927613
  • Isbn13: 9780767927611