Counting Sheep: The Science and Pleasures of Sleep and Dreams

Counting Sheep: The Science and Pleasures of Sleep and Dreams

Can some people really exist on just a few hours' sleep a night?

Do fish dream?

Even though we will devote a third of our lives to sleep, we still know remarkably little about its origins and purpose.

Paul Martin's Counting Sheep answers these questions and more in this illuminating work of popular science.

To sleep, to dream: Counting Sheep reflects the centrality of these activities to our lives and can help readers respect, understand, and extract more pleasure from that delicious time when they're lost to the world.

Reviews of the Counting Sheep: The Science and Pleasures of Sleep and Dreams

Paul has authored several books all focusing on the pleasure aspects of behaviour and life (sleep, happiness and food) and has also written about mental illness. I learned plenty about the life under the covers and in the land of Nod, Paul Martin has put together a great book with one major message to get across to us all, we need more sleep and he has the knowledge and the advice to help. PM shares with us the medical side of sleep, with lots of different terminology and jargon that I felt added some extra depth to the overall learning capabilities with this book, I like to learn whilst I read and this definitely taught me some important pieces of information. He gives advice to the sleep deprived, new parents and the general population on how to deal with their sleep problems and that allow them to live a better lives when they are resolved (though there is not much you can do as a parent of a baby, been there...totally worth it though!) PM has written a very influential book that is a must read by everyone, it will change your understanding of an evolutionary activity that you will spend one third of your life participating in, get learning and enjoy sleep, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Just as the book states, when I try to make them go one way, sometimes they end up going in another direction entirely and I'm like: "NOOOOOO!" But I do always look forward to dreaming. I still feel sleepy during the day, can't function and forget that bullshit about sleeping taking away depression or lack thereof. I loved reading about the different beds there are though and where certain expressions came from like "sleep tight." And I was both intrigued and surprised to hear about all the artists in this world who have had ideas for music, stories or inventions themselves come to them in their dreams. This book was long but it was worth the read for anyone intrigued or interested in the process of sleep. I'm just a little disappointed that the author didn't touch upon those people who are more susceptible to getting nightmares if they are sleeping in a cold room or in a haunted location. But seriously, read this book sleep-enthusiasts!

This was a really interesting book with lots of facts about all sorts of things related to sleep. I found it interesting to consider how our sleep patterns have changed through the course of time. In reality, though, sleep deprivation can be as the same level as being drunk when it comes to matters such as judgment etc. Just think about how often we've been on a bus driven by someone sleep deprived.

I have got to know that sleep is as important as an activity as our other waking life activities.

Counting Sheep is one of my favourite non-fiction books. It underlines the pleasures and biological functions of sleep, the stages of sleep (did you know that your night's sleep is divided into "cycles" of 90 minutes of deep and REM sleep?) as well as going in depth on the function of dreams, lucid dreaming, lying surface culture, sleep deprivation, caffeine, the modern notion of "sleep is a waste of time" itself... Our sleep can thus be divided into two distinct states which leads to the conclusion that we go through three unique cycles, not just two: waking state, NREM and REM. Each cycle of sleep roughly comprises 90 minutes, going through the 4 stages of NREM sleep and finishing with REM.

And according to this book your more likely to have REM sleep if you nap in the early morning :) My dreams are always about work and people I work with which makes me belive that dreams don't mean anything and are just things you have seen or done during the day.

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  • Publish Date: November 1st 2005 by St. Martin's Griffin
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