Their Wedding Day - Hari Perkawinan Mereka

Their Wedding Day - Hari Perkawinan Mereka

Dan mereka segera memutuskan bahwa Keir Delahunty adalah pangeran yang dikirim untuk menyelamatkan ibu mereka.

Hingga akhirnya Rowena tak punya alasa lagi utnuk tidah menceritakan rahasia yang harus dikatakannya pada Keir...

dan rahasia itu menyangkut anak sulungnya.

Reviews of the Their Wedding Day - Hari Perkawinan Mereka

The h is in the parking lot of her slime toad husband's office, bracing herself to confront his lover, the sewer sludge gulping wicked witch. The h is 28, has three children and has been married for seven years to the slime toad. Unfortunately this situation is even more delicate, the slime toad's boss and the owner of the company is the h's former lover and the father of her son. Her beloved older brother and her parent's favorite child talked his BFF into letting him drive his sports car. Her parents pretty much disowned her and after four years the h kissed the slime toad and then married him. So the h goes into the slime toad's building and she meets her former lover. First, the sludge gulper really wanted the former lover boss and two, the sludge gulper thinks as long as she has a firm grip on the slime toads lance, he will do whatever she wants and she is planning to run with that. (Tho to be fair, he does offer to fake a play on the sludge gulper and get her to dump the slime toad in the name of showing his caring for the h. However he makes a really good point that does she really want a slime toad back when she knows what he has been dipping in?) The h has the very good sense to refuse the offer of manipulating the sludge gulper, it would just make everything worse. The h's son also manages to explain to his little sisters, who are VERY interested in princesses and fairy tales, that the slime toad got enchanted by a wicked witch and won't be coming back. Prince and Princesses her children may be, but they aren't going to be spoilt about it.) The Prince H even goes to the slime toad and in a move worthy of Machiavelli, carefully explains that the H knows the slime toad has a lot of lancing to do and the H will be happy to take over the care and provisioning of the slime toad's children, including the tiny princesses. The slime toad falls over his feet to agree and his bulbous tongue is positively drooling as the H explains that since the slime toad let his sludge witch ransack the h's house, the h and co will be moving in with him and the former family home can be sold right away, with the slime toad collection half the sale money. The h was not married, her parents were just so bitter and hated the H for letting their son drive his sports car that they wanted to destroy all contact. The H and h are getting married in a fairy tale wedding that would make a Disney Princess green with envy and there is a new baby brother. The slime toad and sludge witch have faded into the sewers of the Australian Gold Coast, it did not take the H too long to make the slime toad uncomfortable enough to crawl off and the Heir Prince and Princesses in Training have decided to name the Prince H officially as "Dad".

Here, the hero (who was actually the one wronged) is compassionate, willing to forgive and clearly recognizes the value of the heroine's love.

Boogenhagen and a couple of other reviewers have a different take on this, but I found it very sad. Plot: Heroine is going to brave the evil OW her stupid husband is having an affair with, so brava for that. The fact that the heroine has three children (yes three) means nothing to the evil OW especially since the oldest isn't even the husband's.

(view spoiler) Hero is the heroine's first lover, the father of her oldest child (whom her husband adopted) and is the evil hubby and OW's boss. The heroine's two daughters immediately bond with the hero and don't want to go on an outing with their dad on Christmas Day. The evil hubby is thrilled he doesn't have to waste time with his kids. The heroine commits adultery with the hero a few days after her evil hubby walked out.

On the other hand, the ex-husband is almost equally lousy to his biological children, and the hero is the perfect loving stepfather, so I guess it balances out.

The h, Rowena goes to his place of work to see the OW but before she gets into the building she bumps into her husband's boss, Kier, the first love of her life and the father of her oldest child.

This book was so sweet my blood sugar almost rose reading it, but it wasn't cloying somehow.

So this is one where the h, Rowena, attempts to fight for her cheating hubby. I liked that Keir truly loved Rowena and he even loved her from afar when he realized that her hubby worked for him.

I started a Emma Darcy's Novels marathon last week and ended with five of her books today, there are more in library but well, let's see if I can complete with ARC'S by this month. I especially loved the story, Emma Darcy amazes me with her enchanting and enrapturing stories all the time.

Now years have passed and the girl is a woman...she has married another man and now has 3 children total. None other than the father of the woman's oldest child.

Emma Darcy's life journey has taken as many twists and turns as the characters in her stories, whose international popularity has resulted in over sixty-million book sales.