Life Support

Life Support

She doesn't have a clue what it will do to her heart...and soul.From the Christy-award-winning author of The List, The Trial, and The Sacrifice comes this twisting tale of tough decisions, mixed motives, and mysterious, healing grace.Baxter Richardson survived a fall from a cliff while hiding in the mountains.

His survival depends on the machines that help him breathe.

On the haunted, unstable wife who wants to pull the plug and hide her secrets.

On the doting father who wants him alive for reasons of love and money.

Reviews of the Life Support

When I visited her during her cancer treatment she had collected all the books by this author for me to read because he graduated from the institution where I work. The problem with Christian fiction (oh here we go, groan) is that it is always trying to do too many things. I threw the book down and had a temper tantrum because I had to read two novels to get the story, and I knew I'd have to or my mother would mail it to me.

Sure, you have to read the next book to continue the story...but wasn't The Empire Strikes Back the same way?

Lots of book publishers have sought to cash in on the trend toward the public's interest and the legal thriller has almost become its own genre-so much so that I fully expect it to get its own section in the bookstore someday. So, it probably shouldn't come as too great a shock that there would, eventually, be a subset of the Christian publishing genre for a legal thriller. Robert Whitlow's "Life Support" is a legal thriller-and it's one with a Christian emphasis. Rena wants to terminate it to cover her own secrets, but her fat her-in-law, Ezra has another legal document that gives him control over Baxter's life-and he very much wants his son to be living so he can exercise his power of attorney. And although there are some things that are the standard stock of your basic legal thriller and your basic Christian-oriented novel, Whitlow blends them together seamlessly in his novel.

You know from the very beginning of the book that Rena Richardson pushes her husband Baxter off a cliff.

It's a novel about a lawyer who deals with work, spiritual and other matters. Baxter signed a paper stating he didn't want to life by the support of machines. Rena and Eza can't come to an agreement on the matter of continuing life support. Alexia Lindale acts as Rena's attorney to end life support. Eza hires Alexia's former boss as his attorney to keep life support going.

It read like a stand alone novel and I kept waiting for the big pay off and then there was this sort of sudden ending. It just feels like you've been walking on a fast escalator and suddenly stepped off onto the sidewalk.

That may be why her firm asks her to navigate a dispute between Ezra Richardson, a rich and powerful client of the firms, and his daughter-in-law Rena. Baxter Richardson, Rena's husband and Ezra's son, is on life support after a fall from a cliff. This thread which focuses on the divine power of music becomes even more important as Ted is allowed to play for the comatose Baxter. I want to know more, especially about Alexia and Ted, but if the second book ends without resolving Rena's guilt do I really want to continue this tale?

This first chapter sets the stage for this suspenseful and sometimes disturbing novel about a young attorney trapped between greedy relatives and her own desire to do God's will. There seemed to be some slow chapters and a few over-detailed scenes that did not necessarily relate to the story. From the cold-hearted relatives (that reminded me of vultures) to the loving kindness of strangers (that reminded me of Jesus)--this story contains a comfortable suspense all the way to the end.

***SPOILERS*** I'm stunned that this book received so many 4-star reviews and can only think the difference was the expectation going in. Needless to say I will *not* be getting the second book.