The Dawning

The Dawning

These people, called Talents, are feared and hated by the Normals, who occupy the seats of power in this post-apocalyptic world.

Reviews of the The Dawning

While taking a walk, Serena discovers a woman with a small child at the edge of the woods. The woman claims to be terminally ill, (the baby is an obvious "Talent") and gives Serena her daughter to protect. From that moment on, Serena's life takes on a new path and puts her face to face with Andrew. As to the romance it was really like a contemporary romance in that Andrew made a choice Serena didn't understand and her brother was taken from her as a result.

I am a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, and, oh yes, let's not forget historical romances, so I looked forward to this read, a futuristic romance. I must say that the reading felt like I was watching a rerun of a familiar television series. Reading tastes are such a personal thing, like how you take your coffee.

This is the first book from that genre that fell into the adult realm and it left me wanting more, but not necessarily more of the book. The book reminded me quite a bit of Laura Bickle's The Hallowed Ones, because the two characters are travelling to find a safe spot with the "Fold" I have to admit I was confused through a good portion of this book trying to sort out the SAPPS, The Normals and The Talents. (And this book needed something to perk it up) There's a rekindled romance between Serena and Andrew, but that also left me wanting.

The three spend most of the book on the run, trying to return to Serena's Fold, a secure hiding spot for Talents. And she's torn by her remembered love of Andrew and her desire to trust him but the brutal facts that won't allow her to. They grew up and fell in love and planned a life, such as it was, together, and then Andrew had Serena's grandparents and brother killed and defected to the authorities. Ten years later, Serena's pain is still as fierce, but Andrew seems determined to gain her trust. I found the book interesting, the way they were forced to solve problems on the run, the steady build-up to an unknown future, but I was caught by a few things. Part of that is a let-me-tell-you-my-nefarious-plans-before-I-kill-you-Mister-Bond exposition that clears up a whole bunch of stuff in a few pages, and part is a very tidy wrap-up to the question of Serena and Andrew. As earnest as Serena could be, she was also a strong and stubborn fighter, and I liked that about her, and I was invested in her story, with or without Andrew.

It was interesting how the renewal of their relationship grew to the point that he could finally be totally open to her, revealing horrific surprises that she hadnt expected. I thought that it was relatively easy to divine the identity of the presence, and to foresee the conclusion of the story, but I found that this did not detract from my desire to continue along the journey with them.

There are a few interesting happenings early on, but the events are not fleshed out until you are well into the story. Because of the heavy back story revolving around the lives of the two main characters, there were times when I wondered whether this was a standalone book or if I had accidentally happened into the middle of a story. Overall, this was an interesting book that was outside my normal comfort zone but kept me entertained and made me think.

The romance between the hero and heroine really takes a backseat in this story. I did have some issues with how the story ended, which is why I marked it down a tad.

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  • Rating: 3.33
  • Pages: 325
  • Publish Date: December 18th 2012 by Open Road Media Romance
  • Isbn10: 1453281592
  • Isbn13: 9781453281598