They left behind everything that mattered to them-- friends, lovers, country-- to journey to the stars.

the homeworld of the demon invaders who destroyed Earth.

And suddenly, "Fly" and Arlene find themselves face-to-face with an even deadlier enemy than the demons they came to fight.

Reviews of the Endgame

Read the review of the entire series (plus much more ranting on the overuse of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) at The Books in My Life. I mean lets face it, if you can make it to the end of this novel, the more power to you. The entire species of Freds () are dead, killed by a rapidly evolving alien species dubbed the Newbies. (I swear Im not lying.) One Newbie remains on Fredworld, and the gang realizes the rest of the Newbies are headed for the planet Skinwalker and then Earth. These humans are hundreds of years younger than Fly and Arlene would have been had they remained on Earth. Does it matter?) and imprison Fly and Arlene on a ship bound for Earth. Fly then realizes he can destroy the Newbies by convincing the humans of the value of faith. Let me say that again: Fly then realizes he can destroy the Newbies by convincing the humans of the value of faith. Faith in God or other humans, but if they remain with their current lack of any kind of belief, the Newbies will survive. Fly and Arlene then preach their way to victory or so it would seem. The Newbie-infected humans force Fly and Arlene into a computer simulation of the demon-infested Phobos, where Fly has to repeat the efforts detailed in the first book. We switch to a new chapter and find Fly and Arlene arriving on Earth. Then we change chapters again and Fly and Arlene are back in the simulation. Oh, and this version of Fly and Arlene is their copy. No. Hugh and Linaweaver mentioned the copy nonsense once, then neglected to transition between the chapters concerning the copies and the ones concerning actual version of Fly and Arlene. The only possible way to end this war is to preach the merits of faith. Moreover, Fly becomes increasingly hostile to college students for no fucking valid reason other than Linaweaver hates leftie college students. Granted Arlene briefly went to college, but Fly wont hold that against her. Theres only pinko future Earth, but give Fly and Arlene enough time and theyll convert the masses back to 1996. I should have been tipped off to this nonsense by the lack of violence in these novels. I realize this sounds conspiratorial, but what possible reason could they have for penning these stories? To inject a message into a series about aliens and demons (though theyre not really demons, just estimates of what we think demons should look like because who the fuck knows why) is nonsense.

I really enjoyed their writing and style of writing and reading the first 3 books were just so great. Like actually good books and fun to read.

The last book in the series was, unfortunately, this readers least favorite, but that doesnt mean it isnt a real gem. If you have read book three, then, please, by all means finish the series and judge for yourself. By this, I mean that so many fun ideas concerning space travel, alien races, and the origins of life are explored and debated by our beloved characters, leaving the reader to join in on the conversation as the plot progresses. thankfully, it does deliver our two protagonist back into the fray that readers of book one, Knee-Deep in the Dead, will savor and take away either the best and/or saddest aspects of the series epic finale.

Than with book 2 we can experience an original story full of horrors. Starting with book 3, the original story turns kind of ridiculous all the way through book 4, explaining that the Doom demons are not even the real enemy. The real enemy turns out to be tall figures that look like asparagus.

Flynn and Arlene have arrived at the homeworld of the Freds, only to find that their greatest enemies have been wiped out by a fast-evolving race dubbed 'Newbies'.

Nevertheless, I was disappointed by the very, very open ending.

  • Doom

  • English

  • Science Fiction

  • Rating: 3.30
  • Pages: 256
  • Publish Date: May 1st 1996 by Pocket Star
  • Isbn10: 0671525662
  • Isbn13: 9780671525668