In this hardboiled science fiction thriller, Juno, having been booted off the police force, is barely getting by as a low-level bagman and photographer for the scandal rags.

A young girl sits on death row, accused of brutally murdering her own parents.

Working with Maggie, Juno comes into contact with her new partner, Ian. As dirty as they come, Ian is eager to rise in the police force no matter what the cost.

Somehow Ian, a vicious serial killer, and the girl on death row are all connected.

Reviews of the Ex-KOP

you know how when you read the first book in a series, and it's really great? juno, the main character in both of the books, is definitely not a very nice guy. if raymond chandler had written a novel set on another planet in the year 2788, it would have been just like this book.

Juno Mozambe has more issues than there are lizards on the distant planet of Lagarto, where the economy is worse than sticky weather. I found good work hiding in closets, peering through windows, exposing scandals when I could and creating scandals when there were none to expose, says Juno. Needing money, Juno listens when ex-partner Maggie comes around asking for help. His wife is on a respirator in the off-world Orbital, where the medical care is better. Shes arguing to end it all, but Juno wont hear it. The writing makes the whole Lagarto world terribly tangible. Like the best anti-heroes, Juno has his own code and his own reasons for every move he makes. Theres ample recap material in this sequel, but to get the full effect start with Kop so you fully understand Junos world.

She'd like Juno to find out who really killed the girl's parents, and why she'd confess to the crime if she didn't do it. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous one, but I still liked it. Again we have the dark, gritty, jungle setting, a main character that is sympathetic even though he's not the nicest guy around, and a couple of cases that are interesting and convoluted. I really liked the ending and how it sets up some rather interesting possibilities for future books.

Ex-Kop by Warren Hammond This book brings new meaning to gritty. Hammond truly creates an environment that makes your skin crawl. I must commend Hammond for his inclusion of a back story. He makes it clear how Juno got to where the story begins.

The action is intense and this descent into the corrupt sewer at the heart of Lagarto is not for the faint of heart, but Juno, is a good detective, who uses his experience and knowledge to figure out the score.

Drugs, human trafficking, snuff films, a down and out disgraced ex-cop Juno Mozambe is still quite the scumbag and his disillusionment with his life and what he has done with it make him a compelling character.

Juno and Maggie learn stuff a bit at a time, quite plausibly. Good plot, well paced - but again if you don't like tough people doing really tough things, stay away.

This book deals with a twisty, perverse, and very ugly series of killings that leads Juno to digging up the dirt on some of the KOP officers in his former outfit.

His first novel, KOP, was published by Tor Books in 2007. Always eager to see new places, Warren and Kathy have traveled extensively.