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Bob Foster lost and just blurted out the news to the nanny, and then told her that they (nanny, children, Secret Service) would have to leave the White House before Jackie came back because she probably wouldn't want her children around. 12-13) c.) Jackie Kennedy's mom tells Maud Shaw, the nanny, that she should be the one to break the news of JFK's death to the children, because they trust her, and she knows "how to deal with them" (p. Caroline, because I have some very sad news to tell you.' Then I told her what had happened. Eventually she fell asleep while I sat on the bed, still patting her." f.) The Kennedy family visit's the President's casket the day before the funeral: " John was too young, of course, to understand everything that was happening. The day before the President's funeral, when Mrs. Kennedy went to the Capitol to kneel by his casket, she took Caroline in with her, while I went with John and Mr. Foster (Secret Service) for a walk around the building. Will you go to him and say, "Good morning, Mr. President" this time?' Caroline nodded eagerly. I took her hand and led her along the corridor to Senator Kennedy's room, knocked gently on the door, opened it and let Caroline in. "The new president was just a hump in the bedclothes, but Caroline show across the room, jumped on the bed and pulled the blankets from her father's tousled head. 'Good morning, Mr. President,' she said, her eyes shining with delight. 'Of course you are, Mr. President,' I said." h.) Child-rearing tips: "I always feel it is a good thing to be doing something while a child -- Caroline was three and a half by the time we settled into the White House -- dresses itself. i.) The children's Secret Service detail: "They became great friends to the children, but I always insisted that Caroline and John should refer to them and speak to them as 'Mister' Meredith, or 'Mister' Foster. This time, she happened to be standing in the door while I said the prayer with John and Caroline. When I had finished, Mrs. Kennedy smiled: 'That's the Episcopalian version, isn't it, Miss Shaw?' 'Oh, is it?' I said. n.) JFK and his son: "For the most part, I left Caroline to her own devices -- she was usually riding -- since she was the older of the two, and kept my eye on John. The President was playing the game seriously with his son, taking orders from Flight Captain John, thoroughly absorbed in the whole thing. Of course, it is disastrous to make a thing out of it, so I said nothing until later in the day, when I happened to drop the soap out of my hand into the bath when I was washing Caroline. q.) The author talks about how the children got sick with chicken pox shortly after JFK died, and how John wouldn't stay in bed (p. r.) Caroline and the Secret Service men: "One poignant memory I have of those men was of the day we rode in the procession from the White House to the Capitol for the President's funeral service. t.) The author talks about how John was "one hundred percent boy," and how he was particularly interested in gore, and kept asking during a play when the character who was threatening people with an ax was going to chop off the other characters' heads (p. u.) The author takes the children to visit her family in England: "John was quite satisfied with our little terraced house. When we got to James Street, Sheerness, and went into the house to meet Hettie and Jack, he took one quick look around and pronounced: 'I like this dumpy little house, Miss Shaw.

I read this book recently, after years of reading about the president's many affairs, health problems and the tensions between him and his wife caused by his constant philandering.

That this woman did raise the children and what her methods were, and how that fit in with their parents lives and where their lives intersected with the other adults in their lives, including the Secret Service men and extended family is interesting.

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