Breeding Ground

Breeding Ground

But what Chloe gave birth to isn t a baby.

It isn t even human.

It s an entirely new species that uses humans only for food and as hosts for their young.As Matt soon learns, though, he is not alone in his terror.

As the infestation spreads and the countryside is reduced to a series of web-shrouded ghost towns, will the survivors find a way to fight back?

Reviews of the Breeding Ground

Okay, let's just get this out of the way up front: this was the worst book I have read in a long time, which was really disappointing since I like Pinborough's The Hidden. A main character that throws off his first pregnant girlfriend, then his post-apoc. I have seen authors disown a book like this, written to fulfill a contract, but they usually warn potential readers. I've read her stories and one other novel and this almost smells like a bad case of writer's block.

However, it does struggle under the common weaknesses of stories of this type (creature features specifically). The main character (Matt) is male and the story is told from his first person point of view, using the cliche form of a diary supposedly written to whatever survivor comes upon this writing and reads it. Matt is constantly defensive about his actions and even his thoughts and is forever apologizing, claiming that we need to understand that he is male so that is why he thinks/acts that way. I am a fan of creature features and I enjoyed this book and plan on reading the sequel. I am also interested in reading her other books because I feel that she is a talented writer and writes a compelling story.

Very creepy post-apocalyptic tale with nicely fleshed out characters and eerie atmosphere.The only thing that bothered me and I wanted to mention this to maybe get some opinions from those who've read this book (view spoiler)so in the end Rebecca is genuinely happy she gets pregnant?and so is the guy?

My local library has a selection of Sarah Pinborough's more recent novels, but since Breeding Ground was the first one I heard about, I wanted to start there. That aside, however, things turn kind of nasty when Chloe suddenly starts gaining weight, and we find out how horribly shallow Matt really is. A trip to the doctor proves entirely unfruitful until Matt runs into the guy at a local pub, and is brought back to reality: it's not just happening to Chloe. The ending is a touch unsatisfying, but that, again, is in the grand British horror tradition, as well as setting the book up for a sequel (though not the one we currently have, which I am told is contemporaneous to this book).

Sarah writes with a fierce, yet tight, prose that are both riveting and terrifying.

I'm definitely looking forward to reading Feeding Ground , Pinborough's sequel to this book.

An example of this would be that Matt, the lead of the book, says he is writing the story, that it may be the last thing (225) he leaves to the world, yet the very next page divulges in the sex he had with Rebecca for three pages. I wont say that Breeding Ground was horrible, its a book that I didnt mind reading, but its not one that I will read again any time soon. Chloe tells her boyfriend, Matt, shes pregnant and it is here the story becomes interesting; Chloes pregnancy begins to have problems. Shortly after this scene, Matt finds out another person he knows has a wife with the same fat problem. The doctor tells Matt no one in the whole world (25) knows what is happening to the women. This brought up the first issue I had with Breeding Ground: if the whole worlds doctors cant figure out whats going on, then this means there are, at least, thousands of people trying to study the issue, yet no one knows that a problem exists until the spiders begin erupting from the women. Farther into the book, the spiders are finally birthed and begin to decimate the area Matt occupies. Breeding Ground ends with new spiders and people who have genetically caused deafness have blood that is acidic when sprayed on or eaten by the widows. I dont think I have read a book where a genetic defect caused the blood of a person to be weaponized. If it had been a year, or even just months, since he had last seen a woman it could have been more understandable; he did this, however, shortly after the world went down the toilet and, what should have made him think even more about the spiders, watched his girlfriend birth one. I think Pinboroughs Breeding Ground was interesting at times, but there were more issues with plot and character than the typical reader may be willing to hurdle.

  • English

  • Horror

  • Rating: 3.62
  • Pages: 339
  • Publish Date: August 29th 2006 by Leisure Books
  • Isbn10: 0843957417
  • Isbn13: 9780843957419