Mary Anne vs. Logan

Mary Anne vs. Logan

Shy Mary Anne must decide whether she has to break up with her handsome boyfriend to regain her independence.

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However, I was kind of irritated by how Logan suddenly started acting like a jerk in order to manufacture plot (I guess). I think that the babysitting-related plot was mostly about one of their bratty sitting charges having to deal with having a new baby in the house, and just like Logan was trying to change Mary Anne's feelings with gifts, the kid's mom was rewarding her by trying to distract her from being bratty.

saying they didnt like how seriously the books take Mary Anne and Logans relationship, and, I tend to agree. The story here is that Mary Anne has started to feel like Logan is taking over her life. She wants to cool things off with him, and he doesnt take it very well (hes cold and standoffish), and then, on Valentines Day, he tricks her into coming over (to babysit, obvs) and surprises her with a romantic evening (which is disturbing on many levels, not the least of which being he's forced his family to hang out in the basement all night so he and Mary Anne can be alone . Its an interesting moment, because Mary Annes been imagining Logan with other girls and has been feeling really jealous.

Logan was perfect in every way!

the one in which mary anne & logan break up. i just (re)read this book a couple of days ago & i have already forgotten what instigates mary anne's decision to break up with logan. another night, logan takes mary anne out for dinner & a movie. valentine's day is approaching, & logan calls the BSC to request mary anne as a sitter for his younger siblings that night. mary anne reluctantly takes the job, & imagines that logan has a new girlfriend with whom he's planning a hot valentine's day date. he shows mary anne a romantic table for two all set up in the dining room & she wonders why logan is rubbing her face in his date. the books ends very dramatically, with mary anne breaking it off for real with logan.

after logan is a controlling jerk to mary anne one too many times, she finally tells him she wants to take a break. meanwhile, four-year-old jenny prezzioso is getting prepped to be primary caretaker to her baby sister-to-be (her mom keeps forcing her to practice changing diapers and stuff. you're a punk rocker!" -jenny decides to pretend to be a baby as a game so that she can get attention like the stupid brat she is, and mary anne clowns her by being like, "okay, you need to drink formula and go to bed at 6pm" and stuff like that. -I guess there's some cool fighting against men who try to control women stuff in this book, but it is mostly negated by mary anne being an idiot and a jerk (and the fact that she only just grew a backbone but in the past she really liked having logan make all her decisions for her). lowlights/nitpicks: -at one point logan wants to hang out with mary anne but she's supposed to baby sit, so he tells her to cancel her sitting job last-minute. -when mary anne asks logan to slow down while they are skating, instead of responding like a reasonable human he says, "oh, you want a leisurely turn around the ice? -mary anne says she's cold so she wants to go home. do not teach A FOUR YEAR OLD to CHANGE A BABY'S DIAPER.

Mary Anne, feeling smothered by Logan, asks to "cool their relationship," which Logan takes as a breakup. My perspective in April 2016: I remember having that knee-jerk "ugh Mary Anne" reaction I described in the previous review, but when I reread this book, I felt a lot more sympathetic toward her, or maybe just a lot more anti-Logan. And Mary Anne no longer seemed so much passive-aggressive to me, as a conflicted person trying to deal with her changing perspective on the relationship without hurting Logan's feelings too much. I do think it portrays a realistic teen relationship problem, and Mary Anne deals with it admirably.

I love books that look like they've been well-loved!

This is the one where Mary Anne finally dumps Logan's butt and gets some more of her backbone back.

I thought Mary Anne and Logan would totes be together 4eva! As a kid i thought Mary Anne was so cool.

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