The Red Room

The Red Room

Kit Quinn is a young woman who inhabits dangerous worlds: crime scenes, interrogation scenes, hospitals for the criminally insane.

Horribly wounded in an attack by a suspect, she must return to the site of her worst fears.

Reviews of the The Red Room

Basically the book was tolerable, but the only suspense I felt was the anticipation of the story possibly getting better once it got going.

I did really like Julie, the flighty, world-traveling roommate, and would have enjoyed her and Kit in a love triangle. "Try an olive," Julie said. Recommended for fans of drawing-room English lit who are looking to ease into crime fiction.

In this book we meet Kit Quinn, a doctor who is persuaded by the police to help on a murder investigation; her main qualification in this respect apparently being the fact that the chief suspect glassed her only a few months back.

Which is why he asks for her help in the matter of Michael Dall, the no-account hed like to nail for a bothersome unsolved murder. Oban huffs and puffs but finally backs off, huffs and puffs some more when Kits digging unearths additional inconvenient matter.

Husband and wife team Nicci French have an interesting plot and a good character in Psychologist Kit Quinn, but somehow the book never really captured my imagination. Neither the police nor Dr Quinn get close to solving the mystery behind the murders, and neither could I.

Note: (Nicci Gerrard and Sean French also write separately.) Nicci Gerrard was born in June 1958 in Worcestershire. After graduating with a first class honours degree in English Literature from Oxford University, she began her first job, working with emotionally disturbed children in Sheffield. In 1987 Nicci had a son, Edgar, followed by a daughter, Anna, in 1988, but a year later her marriage to Colin Hughes broke down. In 1995 Nicci and Sean began work on their first joint novel and adopted the pseudonym of Nicci French.

  • English

  • Thriller

  • Rating: 3.57
  • Pages: 407
  • Publish Date: 2002 by Penguin
  • Isbn10: 014028107X
  • Isbn13: 9780140281071