Million Dollar Habits: Practical, Proven, Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income

Million Dollar Habits: Practical, Proven, Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income

A guide to winning habits in business shows readers how to set and achieve goals quickly, organize their life, manage time, increase income, and tap inner power reserves--all in the service of improved productivity.

Reviews of the Million Dollar Habits: Practical, Proven, Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income

Reorganize "Better use the resources of the company to increase the return on equity/time/money." ---------------- Be prepared to completely change what you were doing. Spend more time on higher value activities. As a high achiever, you no longer think in terms of weeks and months. People who become financially independent are focused intently on increasing the length of time that they can enjoy their current lifestyle without ever working again. Your job is to consciously, clearly, definitely decide upon and develop the specific habits that can guarantee you higher levels of success, happiness, and achievement throughout your life. Time management "Successful people are simply those who do more things of higher value more of the time every given moment." 3. The faster you move, the more you step on the accelerator on your own potential.' -------------------- Start work on the most valuable use of your time and stay at it single-mindedly until the task is complete. Keys to great success in life are explained by : ---------------------------------- - Acceleration - Leverage - Multiplication - Return on Energy - Economic/market value add - Return on investment 3 Forms of IP that a person brings: (from Intellectual Capital by Thomas Stuart) 1. Network of contacts, especially customers and suppliers From John Kotters Power and Influence Beyond Formal Authority : Power and influence did not come from having a position, and having subordinates whom you can give orders. Everyone in your life is a customer in some way if you dont give them a minimal level of attention, satisfaction, and occasional moments of delight, you are going to have serious problems. The very best managers and companies treat the employees exactly the way they want the employees to treat the customers. Action: Be optimistic "The person who asks questions has control." "Everything we do in life is either to protect our self-esteem or to enhance it." "Become an expert in relationship management. Imagine that relationships in life are flowers, and you are a gardener. Continually go through your garden of life collecting more flowers - more relationships - in everything you do." .

The good things about the book are: 1- It sums up almost all the contents of self development & motivation books.

It is a good book for really pushing your speed reading speed.

I think the author's main point was that our lives are made up of our habits, so if we can change our habits (especially our habitual thinking), we can be and do anything we want. 1. Successful people think "What do I want? And man, when you think about what you want and how to get it all the time, it's pretty damn inspiring. The author also gives some advice that I don't necessarily agree with, such as work as hard as you can all the time so you can get ahead, and pinch every penny so you can become a millionaire.

He also recommends the use of affirmations and outlines the various laws (law of attraction, law of habit, law of concentration, etc.) For readers who enjoy personal growth and empowerment books, they won't find anything new in this one. This book systematically helps you go through your personal and professional practices so you can clean up habits that aren't working and replace them with habits that will.

Furthermore, there are questions for you to answer in relation to your own life which may help you actually implement some of the things that Tracy talks about. Overall, this was an interesting book and if you would like to read about different theories relating to success, you may want to read it.

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