Molly's Millions

Molly's Millions

Hard-up florist Molly Bailey has just won 4.2 million pounds in the National Lottery.

And she needs to get rid of it fast!Tom Mackenzie is on the verge of losing his job.

But with Tom Mackenzie hot on her heels and the nation on the look-out for her, Molly must outwit them all if shes to achieve her grand finale.Will she succeed before her family and the media catch up with her?

Reviews of the Molly's Millions

Would you tell your Scrooge-like family and risk them taking the money away from you...or would you try to keep it a secret and have some fun? Molly must use her wits if she is to avoid being caught by Tom and the Bailey men and continue spreading goodwill to the nation. I also liked Tom, despite the trouble he was causing for Molly, and I loved Flora, his daughter.

Molly Baileys life is trundling along fine until one day she decides to buy herself a lottery ticket and ends up winning 4.2 million. Trouble is, Molly doesnt want 4.2 million and sets off around the country distributing it as and when she feels like it. As Molly continues around the country not only does she have Tom hot on her heels but also her family the three Bailey Men along with Carolyn, Martys wife, who are famed for their tightness. We have Molly, ambling down the country giving her money away, Tom who is wildly trying to find Molly along with his daughter Flora and we have the Bailey Men, Old Bailey himself, Magnus and Marty, grandfather, father and brother to Molly along with Carolyn, Martys husband, desperately trying to find Molly also. Molly is just so incredibly nice its hard to not like her. I actually quite liked Tom MacKenzie, what he did wasnt particularly nice, tailing Molly and invading her privacy like that but thats what his job was. Mollys Millions is incredibly well written and I enjoyed whizzing through it immensely. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Mollys Millions as it truly is an outstanding read.

She decides to use her money to make other peoples lives better while keeping the whole thing a secret from the Bailey men as they would definitely want their share and be against her altruistic plan. On the other hand, it could be a fun, adventurous read filled with details on her journey and how she attempts to keep her whereabouts a secret from the Bailey men. The repetition didnt help either all Molly did throughout the story was distribute her wealth by putting lots of money into envelopes and placing them into strangers mailboxes. Basically, even the incorporation of reporter Tom and the Bailey men being hot on her trail failed to inject some life into this dreary tale. For instance, Molly and her mothers reunion was peaceful from beginning until the end even after the latter revealed a major secret (which was hard to care about because I didnt feel connected to any character).

Molly Bailey is a lovely girl who has managed to stay lovely despite the un-loveliness of her family. Despite Lottery advice to do nothing too quickly Molly knows that once the Bailey men discover the news about her win there will be no stopping them dividing it up and packing it off to the bank, never to be seen again. He is the reason her family discover she has the money and causes a fair bit of friction until Molly figures out how to use him to her advantage. During all this there is depth too, Marty and Carolyns rocky marriage is really put to the test, Marty learns some valuable life lessons about money (its too late for the older members of the family!!) and Molly does get to find out more about her mother and what happened long ago.

Mollys Millions is a light read that moves quite quickly. A book that is so light in nature would have a few things that simply fell through the cracks; sub stories that were developed up to a point and then left the reader hanging. Mollys Millions is a nice, light choice and would be an excellent book to keep close by so that whenever you are on a long commute or if you simply feel like reading, you have Molly's Millions to keep you company.

Although having had articles and short stories published, it was only when Flights of Angels was published that Victoria was able to realise the dream of becoming a professional writer. The Runaway Actress was published in April 2012 and she is currently working on another romantic comedy, Wish You Were Here.

  • Womens Fiction

  • Rating: 3.63
  • Pages: 366
  • Isbn10: 0749079746
  • Isbn13: 9780749079741