The Horoscope in Manifestation: Psychology and Prediction

The Horoscope in Manifestation: Psychology and Prediction

This book offers profound insights into the ways in which inner and outer reality coincide and reflect each other.

Reviews of the The Horoscope in Manifestation: Psychology and Prediction

-------------------------------------------------------------------- The following are some of my favorite excerpts from the second half of the book titled: Part two: A Psychological Approach to Transits and Progressions For Venus-Pluto, one of the driving forces in life is a love that will burn and transform the soul. 104 Over the years I have come to believe that a great deal of what we assume to be fated, in terms of transits and progressions, is not fate at all it is our unconscious complexes at work. pg.130 There are three main levels on which transits and progressions seem to operate. The first level is the deeper meaning of a particular transit or progressed aspect. pg.133 Transits and progressed aspects also involve an emotional level of expression. This too is psychological, but it is more concerned with the individuals responses, both on the feeling level and in terms of the unconscious complexes which are being activated. Our emotional responses at the time of a transit and progressed aspect are extremely complicated, and a lot depends on how much self-understanding we have achieved, how strong the ego is, what kind of containment we can bring to the feelings which are activated, and how much we know about our parental complexes. pg.135 The person with transiting Saturn opposition natal Sun, who has, in terms of teleology, such a superb opportunity for a greater sense of personal identity, may be deeply depressed and insecure. Questions about the basis of personal identity may have to be raised, and many attitudes and assumptions about life may need to be cleared away before a healthier world-view can grow in their place." pg.138 The third level of transits and progressions is the level of materialization. Working on this level, the astrologer is primarily concerned with what will happen in the material world under a particular transits and progressed aspect. Both transits and progressions seem to operate on a teleological, emotional, and material levels. Liz: on the manifestation level, it can reflect some kind of notoriety, prominence, or involvement with the masses. 184-185 I had a cursory look at Neil Kinnocks chart before the election, and I saw transiting Saturn exactly conjunct his natal Moon in the 2nd house on the day of voting. I thought to myself, If I had just been made Prime Minister after such a long time of desperate effort and waiting, would I feel like Saturn on the Moon? If you are in a Saturn-Moon emotional state while you are preoccupied with something as important as planning an election campaign, how are you likely to deal with things? The Moon goes out into the world and touches and feels and feels, eats and digests, and once it has gathered a sufficient amount of experience it brings it back to the Sun and pours it into the Suns waiting vessel. Thus the sense of individual identity develops, primarily on the basis of what the moon reflects back by way of physical and emotional experiences. This phase of the Moon describes a deeply reflective and indrawn way of being, whereas the Moon just in front of the Sun is like a child shouting, Whats out there? 202 However, I have found that people with a great emphasis on the 8th House often discover their relationship with the inner world through loss and emotional upheaval it demands an inner journey of a committed kind.

In the second lecture, "A Psychological Approach to Transits and Progressions," she focuses on predictive astrology, looking at how planetary movements show which complexes in a person's chart are likely to be the most active at any given time. The material in the first lecture about complexes was interesting enough, but I really appreciated Greene's thoughts on predictive astrology.

I found this book fascinating reading and it can be read and understood by anyone with a basic knowledge of astrology and it may help the reader to understand what is going on in their own lives.

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