Brodie Duncan expected a week vacation with his girlfriend Melanie on their first cruise to Alaska.

Stunned at being left standing on the massive cruise-liner as Melanie made her escape to the mainland, Brodie stood with his cell phone in his hand staring in horror as she hailed a cab and vanished, telling him they were through.

Stranded, on his own, and feeling completely self-conscious about it, Brodie convinced himself he should make the best of a bad situation.

Julian was trapped in a bad relationship with a selfish woman he was starting to resent.

Meeting the luscious blue eyes of the tall, dark and handsome Brodie Duncan caused a reaction in Julian that shocked him.

Instantly attracted to each other, Julian began having the same desire to play with fire on this week-long Alaskan cruise.

Reviews of the Cruising

Did everything exactly like she did and was so excited. I just don't like them anymore. I kinda sorta remembered liking this when I first read it years ago.

- The first sex scene (until it gets going, anywaysee cons below) is deliciously tentative and sweet. And my main complaint isnt even that shes terribly one-dimensional (though she is--evil, evil, and more evil); its that she shows moments of compassion that make the reader think, There. But the story, as a result, is sweet and romantic and sentimental, so if you like that sort of thing, you should give this a try.

Instant attraction between Brodie and Julian though neither has ever been with another man before. It was much easier to accept with Amelia being such a bitch. Also, I read A LOT and most of the books that I have personally read have the women all sweet and accepting and blah, blah, blah. Yes, I'm female and no, I would not want every book I read to have women written like this but this was perfect for this particular story, in my opinion. It also got tiring after awhile though I did not let it detract with how I felt about the story. Overall, a good love story. Just a good story in general.

emotions wow for both straight men..But the chemistry if off the charts for this couple even with Julian's troubles with his girlfriend. Brodie wanted to please his girlfriend by going on a cruise ship.

After a first moment of rage, Brodie thinks better on his situation and realizes that maybe he is not so afraid; actually this last bad experience is only one more proof that he is not really interested in women... There is only the little problem of Julian's girlfriend on the same ship and the fact that neither one of them had any experience with men before. So why I, that usually can't suffer a cheating man, instead liked Julian, and almost cheered when Brodie tries to convince Julian to give his girlfriend a bad time? in particular in this book, Brodie and Julian are like children with a new toy and they play till exhaustion and beyond.

My favorite aspect of life at sea? Should I get the 5 star service downstairs in the formal dining room? One thing I can guarantee you, nomatter what each cruise day brings, I will be spending at least 50% of it with my Nook in my lap, reading hot M/M romances that feature beautiful men doing very naughty things to one another...

Every woman in this book is portrayed like a shrewish bitch or an unattractive flirt. In the most glaring, Brodie, who hates women despite being a "womanizer" (most of the negative portrayal of women come in his POV; Julian reserves his negativity for his girlfriend but gets along with other women), thinks fondly about his gay best friend and how he could experiment with men and then a few pages later thinks that he doesn't want to be "a fag".

Brodie and Julian are both stuck on an Alaskan cruise. This is the first book I've read by this author and I really wanted to like it.

In early 2000 G.A. moved to Hertfordshire, England where she began her writing in earnest and published her first book, In the Shadow of Alexander.

  • Men in Motion

  • Romance

  • Rating: 3.63
  • Publish Date: January 14th 2010 by The GA Hauser Collection
  • Asin: B0035ROW40