Later they have a perfect day at the London Zoo, and soon Joe is as addicted to Candy as she is to heroin, in spite of the threats of her menacing pimp Iggy.

But there is something that still matters to him, and when he rescues the young prostitute from her sordid rooming house and takes her into hiding to sweat out her addiction, Iggy finds and uses that one thing that is stronger than Joe's passion for Candy, in a heart-thumping, breath conclusion.

Reviews of the Candy

It seems like your usual boy-meets-girl setup, but as Joe gets to know Candy and enters her life, closer, the more he becomes obsess and longs for her, he is initiated into the London underworld of drug, violence, and prostitution, the closer he gets in the way of danger. In Kevin Brooks 2005 novel, Candy, he gives us a view of what forms addiction can take, dealing with one of the most pernicious kind there is: drugs. Kevin Brooks wants you to feel what it would be like in Joes position.

But when she comes to his Bands show only to be dragged off by Iggy and his hoarde, a fight which gets Joes brother-in-law to be injured, things come to a head. Unable to believe theres nothing he can do to help, and unable to get Candy on the phone, as soon as his dads left for his business trip, Joe takes off, losing all cares about being grounded. Ready to admit defeat, hes heading back to catch another train when he spots Iggy leaving the station, and gets it in his head to follow him. With a straight-edge razor held to his throat, Joe is staring at the end, when Candy breaks a lamp against Iggys head. They stop at Joes house for supplies, then board another train, heading for the summer cottage. But just when the worst of it seems over, when Candy seems to be herself again, and not a withdrawl insane version, Joe realizes just what kind of trouble hes in. Even with Mike on the way to help, theres no knowing if hell beat Iggy to them, or what they can do even if he does. Time goes by, but Joe cant remember how life was before Candy.

The main character is a boy named Joe. He goes into town for a specialized doctor but ends up meeting a girl at a fast food restaurant. At that fast food restaurant he meets someone who seems to be her pimp and he thinks she's a prostitute.

I enjoyed the aspect of Joe's odd obsession for Candy, and I believed that the book would develop into something really awesome. The ending just did not make sense and left me completely unsatisfied.

I really enjoyed reading this book as it had a bit of romance mixed in with Candy's horrific lifestyle. I liked this quote as Joe had to put his trust into Candy's hands in the novel. I recommend this to young adults/teens who enjoy reading a novel filled with thrilling events that will keep you wanting more.

Brooks, Kevin PUSH, 2007 This gripping and provocative love novel basically falls under the genre of teen fiction. With unstoppable and naive romance, Kevin Brooks (author) portrays your typical boy-girl scenario attracting the attention of adolescent readers/audiences. Further on in her years, Candy had carelessly dropped everything and ended up on the streets of London where she drowned her sorrows in men and heroin with her whore house pimp "Iggy". After having several few encounters with Candy, Joe realizes that there's more to life than just school and music. The story is told straightly from the perspective of the main character Joe Beck which creates a phenomenon sense to the reader. As the reader, you are placed in the shoes of a naive boy attempting to increase his love for a girl he barely even knows which creates a common text connection with high school relationships. The author had written an almost exquisite novel about two completely opposite strangers falling completely and mistakingly in love.

The constant mention of all the bad guys being black really got me mad, especially since this book isn't talking about racial issues its talking about a prostitute and a love struck boy.

In 2006 he published 3 books including: Johnny Delgado Series - Like Father, Like Son and Private Detective as well as The Road of the Dead; a standalone novel. As a child, Kevin Brooks enjoyed reading detective novels.

  • English

  • Young Adult

  • Rating: 3.86
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: March 1st 2006 by Push
  • Isbn10: 0439683289
  • Isbn13: 9780439683289