The Trouble with Moonlight

The Trouble with Moonlight

British spy James Locke has seen some odd eventsbut nothing quite as fantastical as when, in the midst of a moonlit safe-cracking mission, he witnesses a ruby necklace being spirited away as if by conjurer's trick.

Following the jewels leads him to Lusinda Havershaw, who's inherited the talent of turning invisible in the moonlightat least, the parts of her that are unclothed.To support her sisters, Lusinda slips naked through the London night to recover lost or stolen items.

Reviews of the The Trouble with Moonlight

On a moonlit night, British spy James Locke is on a mission that focus on his safecracking skills, but as he hears and sudden noise and hides, he witnesses a necklace floating on its on in midair, chasing and later tracking down the necklace leads him to Lusinda Havershaw a nevidimi who becomes invisible when in the moonlight, now Lusinda is part of the Great Game with Locke whom trains her into being a spy, but as their mission that involves russian spies gets more heated as to, does the relationship between James and Lusinda I love and adore Donna MacMeans debut novel The Education of Mrs. Brimley, and quickly went to pick up her next two novels, I was surprised to learn that The Trouble With Moonlight would have a dash of paranormal in it, any doubt I had quickly vanished I was quickly wrapped up in this magical story! James quickly starts to teach Lusinda all he knows about safecracking, while at the same time trying to put a leash on his passion he feels for her, but even as he tries, he doesnt think Lusinda would take it into her own hands for a little seduction. With James who always seems to know where she is even when shes invisible suddenly feels whole and finally seenable for the first time in her life. Its her feelings for him, and how shes able to finally break the locks around James heart that frees him, making him see how much he loves Lusinda. The paranormal part was a big part of the book, but it didnt overshadow the historical aspect of the story, with the TWML taking place in a time of the Great Game (the strategic rivalry and conflict between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia) This is a great and wonderful background for a woman whom could become invisible, that leaves the reader wanting to find out what would happen next not only between James and Lusinda but whom really had those documents?

There are some very funny parts to this book including when he first discovers that the invisible thing is a woman, a very naked woman at that! Another hilarious thing is that she learned everything she knows about what goes on between a man and a woman from when she snuck in a whore house called the Velvet Slipper while she was invisible, she was just curious! She is quite funny every time she does something to try to attract the attentions from James that she had seen a woman do for a man at the Velvet Slipper, including bending over and shimmying in front of him, with his reaction being "Lu...Lusinda, what are you doing?". Another time being in the carriage when she is invisible and the things the two of them do, funny and steamy!

I thought the love aspect was nicely developed too.

I love it, I loved both Lusinda and James, they were so good together.

This book is about a young lady, Lusinda, who becomes invisible when she soaks up moonlight.

The heroine is soon made aware that while he offers her a job and payment to support her family, in reality, she has no chose but to accept. Now the heroine, with her bizarre ability to turn invisible with the moonlight, knows that her marriage prospects are null and void but her sisters must be thought of. She knows he can't love her or marry her, he's made that clear, but she is willing to enjoy what happiness she can find now before the mission is over and he doesn't need her any longer. As the mission progresses and the characters strength is tested, he realizes that he is no longer willing to return to being the man he was before. He is a better man with the heroine and he needs her to love. The hero could be a bit ruthless and his drive to complete his mission ended up putting the heroine's ability to the test as well as putting her very life in danger. The heroine was a tool to the hero and she didn't go willingly but she did what she needed to help her family.

  • Bound

  • English

  • Romance

  • Rating: 3.68
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date: June 3rd 2008 by Berkley Sensation
  • Isbn10: 0425221989
  • Isbn13: 9780425221983