Flame of Diablo

Flame of Diablo

Go out to Columbia, bring back her brother, Mark.

Mark was off in the wilds of Diablo looking for a legendary emerald--and the one man who could guide her to the territory was the handsome, arrogant Vitas de Mendoza.

Rachel didn't trust him an inch, but he agreed to take her--at a price.

Reviews of the Flame of Diablo

He tells her shes in his debt and the only way for her to pay is some loving later on. The H promises to show the bad guy where his familys cursed emeralds are stashed for safe keeping below the monastery if hell let the h and her lover go. (In a blow hot, blow cold moment the heroine told him the guy she was looking for was her lover). The next morning, the bad guy immediately reneges on the deal and they all go down the tunnel to find the cursed emeralds. (They had been tracking the bad guy along with the hero for months). The heroine is sure the hero is dead but hes well and her brother has a broken leg. The heroine is convinced its the hot blonde from the photo. After she hitches a ride with her brother and the heros cousin, she hangs around the lobby of the hotel until she sees the H with the hot blonde (now visibly pregnant) go up to a room. She returns to the hacienda and plans to leave that night, but the hero catches her sneaking out and they finally talk. Hes been in love with her since he saw her and decided he wanted to marry her when he saw her in her bridal white nightgown.

Grandfather is now very sick, and has asked Rachel to go fetch Mark. There, Rachel discovers that Mark has perhaps gone to a place called Diablo to find a huge emerald, which he will then smuggle out of the country. Marks plan seems to be to wave the huge emerald under Grandfathers nose, thereby proving that geologists can make money. In some frontier town Rachel manages to outstare the local hotelier, who suggests Rachel seek out Vitas de Mendoza to guide her to Diablo. Rachel correctly discerns that Vitas de Mendoza is in the back room, and against all advice, goes immediately to confront him. Vitas de Mendoza is basically everything you could ever want in a man. I wonder, when Sara Craven sat in a darkened cinema and beheld Romancing the Stone for the first time, did she think of Vitas de Mendoza? Rachel naturally appreciates Vitas de Mendozas charms, even though he is a scruffy guide and leers at her and wins all their feisty verbal battles. Rachels all I was managing fine without you, but agrees to allow Vitas de Mendoza to take her the rest of the way to Diablo. I liked that she knew she was hot, but what she really wanted was to be loved.

Sara Craven for the win with Flame of Diablo. The h travels to Columbia at the request of her very ill grandfather to find her estranged brother.

The h, Ice Princess, is asked by her mildly misogynistic grandfather to find her little brother. Little brother wants to be a geologist rather than go into the family business. My father was a geologist, granted a petroleum geologist, but I dont think he ever mentioned the dangers of being swept off a ledge by a giant condor like the h fears has happened to her brother. The heroine, a Harlequin high roller in the stupid stakes, heads for the hills of Colombia with a pudgy guide who tries to rape her and may even have plans to place in her a nice little whorehouse. His sister has traveled thousands of miles, been kidnapped, her lover is imprisoned, hes sentenced to die by the man who took his eye and killed his father, she loses her virginity, and all Mark can say is how embarrassing it was to hear the guards talk about her lack of honor. The heroine aka Ice Princess unthaws when Rico Suave is in his jail.

Go out to Columbia, bring back her brother, Mark.

Anne Bushell was born on October 1938 in South Devon, England, just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books. Divorced twice, Annie lives in Somerset, South West England, and shares her home with a West Highland white terrier called Bertie Wooster.

  • English

  • Romance

  • Rating: 3.54
  • Pages: 187
  • Publish Date: 1979 by Mills & Boon
  • Isbn10: 0263731332
  • Isbn13: 9780263731330