The Black Angel

The Black Angel

When a young woman disappears from the streets of New York City, ties of friendship and blood inevitably draw ingenious, tortured detective Charlie Parker into the search.

Soon he discovers links to a church of bones in Eastern Europe, a 1944 slaughter at a French monastery, and to the myth of an object known as the Black Angel -- considered by evil men to be beyond price.

And the mystery of its existence may contain the secret of Parker's own origins.

Reviews of the The Black Angel

The sixth entry in the Charlie Parker series takes a slightly different approach. In The White Road, Parker began to seriously evaluate his connection to evil though the cases he took on. The plot eventually takes a DaVinci Code type turn that feels somewhat incongruous with where the story actually began. This is also the book where the supernatural/spiritual angle becomes more overt, with Parker's connection to these evil cases become clear. She has no name, but she looks like Susan, my dead wife; and Jennifer, my first daughter, who was killed beside her in our little house in New York, walks with her." Overall, a good installment, and likely critical to the series in terms of Parker's mystical connection to his cases.

(On second thought, people who actually read the Bible probably will be ok with the violent content of this series.) Also, there is no preaching and no attempt to glorify Christianity (so far).

In this one, one of my personal favorites comes from (view spoiler) Lewis in regard to his and Angel's involvement with Charlie.

THE BLACK ANGEL (Thriller-US/Europe-Cont) G- Connolly, John - 5th in series Atria Books, 2005 - ARC Charlie Parker is trying to settle into life with his partner and new baby. Although brutal, there was a balance of lyrical writing, crisp humorous dialogue, an element of mysticism, and a sense of hope at the end.

This is the book where all previous references towards the paranormal seem to come together for a large part. Connolly, because some of the topics in his books are well worth some time thinking about them.

So, I'm 5 books into the Charlie Parker saga and so far, so good. When I read the initial plot and some spoiler free reviews, I was a little worried that Connolly was going to take Parker somewhere that I wasn't interested in reading. While he spends a good portion of the book developing his characters (old and new) and their reasons for the acquisition of The Black Angel itself; he spends very little time on action.

It read to me more like a Preston/Child supernatural thriller than an installment in this gritty noir series. In the first four books we are certainly aware of another plane of existence that keeps bleeding into the real world or at least Charlie Parkers real world, but the style was mainly gritty noir.

John Connolly was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968 and has, at various points in his life, worked as a journalist, a barman, a local government official, a waiter and a dogsbody at Harrods department store in London.