Shades of Honor

Shades of Honor

TWICE LOVED is the SWEET edition of Shades of Honor: She Planned To Marry Her Best FriendThen His Brother Returned Home And Complicated Everything.

But when Kyles older brother, Radford, returns home with his young daughter, it turns Evelyns life upside down.

Reviews of the Shades of Honor

(17 del Reto Rita) Una muy buena novela de las que quedan en el recuerdo y con la que he soltado alguna lagrima (algo que me cuesta cada vez más cuando leo). También, y debido a esa perfección, la recomendaría a las aspirantes a escritora, como "modelo básico" de novela romántica.

Una historia de amor, lealtad, drama, familia.

Me ha gustado la historia, sencilla en su planteamiento pero compleja por las connotaciones que conlleva.

Shades of Honor is the first book in the Grayson Brothers series. Its a post Civil War romance, this first book being the eldest brothers story. Radford is tired of running from the nightmares of death, pain, and destruction, and returns home to work with his brothers at the familys lumber mill. Im going to break my review down by the actual story, and then the audio book. The Audio: The Grayson Brothers series is being narrated by Julia Motyka, and Ill say this right up front: She has a beautiful voice! If you enjoy charming, romantic, passionate stories with emotionally scarred heroes looking to find home again, this might be right up your alley.

Preciosa novela sobre los estragos psicológicos que causa la guerra, la lealtad y el poder redentor del amor, no sólo pasional sino también paternal y fraternal.

saw mill (This is a review of the audiobook.) First, let me tell you that Im really NOT a fan of the loving two brothers theme.

The set up When Radford Grayson returned home to New York at the end of the Civil War, he was a troubled man. Now he's returned home after five years with his four-year old daughter, Rebecca, but his younger brother, Kyle, doesn't receive him with open arms. Radford is sent to help Evelyn and they soon find themselves trying to resist their growing attraction to each other. It doesn't help that Kyle isn't very attentive to her and doesn't hide his resentment of Radford.

Because it is not clean. Just because she doesn't describe in detail the actual final union, but everything else, does not make it clean. Reading is to be relaxing, not put me on guard.

I enjoyed this audiobook a whole lot more than when I attempted to read the Kindle book.

From there it's an emotional story about Radford fighting for inner peace, embracing love, forgiveness and accepting his past while moving forth with his life. The story showcases the emotional battle that all the main characters must overcome while bringing a divided family back together.