Legends of Persia

Legends of Persia

As a presumed goddess, Ashley is expected to b crops, make sure battles are won and somehow keep herself out of the history books.

Reviews of the Legends of Persia

This is the second of the stories of Ashley, who has travelled back in time to meet Alexander the Great and ends up marrying and staying with him. A lot of sexy fun too, as mentioned the relationships get complicated and some of it quite graphic.

She travels with him, during his battles, all of which are as factual as they can be.and tells of daily life, the food, religion and the culture of the time, all told in such interesting and immersive writing..you can almost smell it.

Ashley, a twenty-first century woman, has travelled back in time to circa 330BC and decided to stay there by the side of the most powerful man of that era, Alexander the Great. With him, she travels across the Middle East and Asia, conquering, subduing and winning over the hearts of ancient tribes and nations.

This story follows Alexander's history, his battles, his travels and his raunchy love life. Once again, many of the characters are historical (you can look many of them up), but there is a lot of fiction to the story as well. The lifestyle that the army, Alexander and Ashley lived is not easy. Overall I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to what happens next in Alexander's and Ashley's adventures.

The book starts as Ashleigh and Alexander are still looking for their son, who was kidnapped in the previous book.

Ashley's adventures continue as she travels across Persia with Alexander.

Ashley the Time Journalist, from 3000 years in the future. (So she is from about the year 2700.) The first book in The Time for Alexander series began with the story of how Ashley came to Alexanders world. The second book, Legends of Persia, seamlessly continues the saga of Ashley and Alexander. The core of the story is the intense, and complicated relationship between Ashley and Alexander. This series is unusual, in that the author has so skillfully blended the time travel twist with history, and a compelling story arc.

(MacAire) Hephaistion was an Athenian (MacAire) - Hephaistion was the son of a Macedonian noble Amyntas (Renault, et al). When his son Philotas failed to warn Alexander of an assassination plot three different times, Philotas was arrested and eventually executed. (MacAire) - Parmenion was one of Philip's old generals that, when given a letter forged by Alexander and purporting to be from Philotas saying Alexander was to be assassinated, smiled - indicating his complicity with the plot - and was subsequently killed by Alexander's officer (Renault). - it made for an interesting story point though) I was also confused by MacAire's references to Nearchus (Alexander's admiral) having a personal obsession with Alexander.

This story picks up right where we left Ashley in the previous book, as she and Alexander are searching for their kidnapped son. Heroes in the Dust is another wonderful episode on the lives of Alexander and Ashley. In order to get the most out of this story you really need to read Time for Alexander first but there is enough detail that it could stand on its own if necessary.